10 signs that you need to see a urologist

Several times we are faced with health conditions we have no idea about. And our natural response is to visit our general physician or healthcare provider. However, most often we require expert help. The average population of Indians finds it difficult to figure out which specialist to see. For instance, various people do not know who to consult in case they experience issues like urinary problems. The answer, in this case, is a urologist. You can find the best urologist in Gurgaon at CK Birla Hospital. 

In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why someone should consult a urologist. But first, let’s learn what urology is.

Urology is the branch of medical science that deals with the urinary tract. The urinary tract includes kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra. Any condition that impacts the health of this system is called a urological condition. 

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Signs that you need to see a urologist

There are numerous health conditions that require assistance from a urologist. If you are unsure of these concerns, you should simply visit your regular healthcare provider who would guide you to a urologist near you. However, you can also look out for certain signs and symptoms of urological conditions. 

Here is a list of reasons why you may want to visit a urologist:

  1. Blood in the urine: The presence of blood in the urine indicates a complication associated with the kidneys or the bladder. It is also considered the early warning signs of cancer. 

  1. Urinary Tract Infection: The symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) include painful urination, increased frequency of urination, foul smell in the urine, pain in the lower abdomen and more. If you have been experiencing these symptoms, you may want to consult a urologist soon. 

  1. Leaking urine: Leaking urine is a sign of Overactive bladder or urinary incontinence. Your doctor will conduct certain tests and offer relevant treatment that may include lifestyle modifications, medicines and more. 

  1. Kidney stones: Urologists are highly-qualified doctors who can offer effective treatment for kidney stones. Common signs and symptoms of kidney stones include pain at the side of the stomach, recurring pain in the lower abdomen, smelly or cloudy urine and more. 

  1. Erectile Dysfunction: Men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction can seek the help of a urologist. Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is unable to get or hold an erection. Urologists are certified experts who can diagnose and treat ED with the help of medicines or surgical intervention. 

  1. Pain in the pelvic area: There are countless causes of pain in the pelvic region. It could be due to inflammation of the prostate, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis or even cancer. A urologist can correctly diagnose the exact cause behind pelvic pain. Furthermore, they are equipped to provide effective treatment to alleviate the pain. 

  1. Check your fertility: If you are a man who is experiencing difficulty with his fertility, you may want to visit a urologist. A urologist can help to accurately test your semen sample, urine and blood to check the potential of your fertility. Based on these results, they may further advise you to meet a fertility expert for complete treatment. 

  1. Bladder prolapse: It is a misconception that only men require the help of a urologist. These medical experts are competent to offer treatment to women also. Women often need to visit a urologist for conditions like bladder prolapse. Bladder prolapse is when the bladder of a woman falls down into the vagina. A bladder prolapse, also known as cystocele, mostly occurs at the time of childbirth. 

  1. Interstitial Cystitis: An interstitial cystitis is when you feel unbearable pain and pressure in your bladder. It is also commonly known as painful bladder syndrome. This condition is often misunderstood as Urinary tract infections. A urologist is capable of diagnosing IC correctly. He/she can provide several forms of treatment methods for this condition. You can visit the best urologist in Gurgaon at CK Birla Hospital. 

  1. Hernia: Urologists are also qualified specialists who can successfully treat a hernia. A hernia is the formation of a bulge of tissues that pushes itself through an abnormal opening. Common symptoms include a bulge, swelling or pain.

There are more health concerns that can be addressed by a urologist. You can consult with the best urologist in Gurgaon to further discuss these concerns. Visit CK Birla Hospital, a leading urology hospital in Gurgaon for more details.