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Are you planning your kitchen renovations? Do you want to make it a bit stress-free? Then hold on to this post, and keep things in a flow. As homeowners, we tend to take care of our matters carefully. But unfortunately, people keep repeating some common mistakes in the process. Although the Forevermark cabinets offer ample space, we must consider the entire kitchen. 

In addition to cabinets, many people forget about the counter, sink, and island details. That is why it is vital to think about the bigger picture rather than just focusing on cabinet colors. So, if you want your kitchen to remodel to be flawless, try not to repeat the mistakes below:

  1. Going for all DIY
  2. Overlooking Forevermark cabinets
  3. Forgetting the busiest areas
  4. Going for less counter space
  5. Keeping budget for the last
  6. Choosing design over quality
  7. Neglecting the backsplash
  8. Not utilizing the space
  9. Planning in parts
  10. Not protecting the surroundings
  11. Going for all DIY:

If you are interested in all DIY, go for it. But, you need some expert advice on this type of renovation. A professional can help you in your kitchen remodel in detail. While you are using your hard-earned money in this project, you need to get it right.

Overlooking Forevermark cabinets:

No doubt, best Forevermark cabinets in columbus, oh  come with perfect storage space. They are the best when it comes to the kitchen storage solution. But, have you considered its details? Many people forget about cabinets and other storage details, which results in a congested area. So, make sure you focus on the hinges and dovetail drawers.

Orgetting the busiest areas:

Another mistake that to avoid this time is: do not forget the busiest areas of your kitchen. As you know, the sink, counter, stove, and refrigerator are the main parts of any kitchen. So, make sure you renovate with them in mind. Also, your cabinets must not hinder your workflow. It is much better to locate these things first.

Going for less counter space:

Your counter is one of the key spaces in your cooking area. Typically, more counter space is much better for a busy kitchen. So, giving up counter space for other fancy things is not a good idea. Do not settle for less! Also, extend your shelves and kitchen slab wisely.

Keeping budget for the last:

Keep in mind that kitchen cabinets take up one-third of your total budget expense. That is why you should make up your total renovation expense. Also, decide what things are vital for your cooking area and figure them out accordingly. In the same way, do not go for unnecessary items just for show as it may disturb your finances.

Choosing design over quality:

Yes, your kitchen design is essential. However, it must not surpass the quality. Remember, not all cabinets and fixtures come with quality assurance. So, it is better not to follow only the design. It is better to look for quality and space in every aspect of your kitchen remodel. Trends can change, but quality lasts. 

Neglecting the backsplash:

Your backsplash is one of the main focal points of your kitchen. But, many people tend to neglect it for other elements. Keep in mind that your counter, cabinets, and your backdrop make one big picture. So, play with its colors, tiles, and design to create a perfect impression. And go for light color backsplashes that go with every style. 

Not utilizing the space:

Not utilizing the space is another big mistake. If you have bare wall space and kitchen corners, you can turn them into storage solutions. So, use the corner space to create a tall cabinet. Moreover, you can use wall space for open shelving. Or, you may use rolling carts for moving storage. In this way, you can free your counter clutter.

Planning in parts:

Always plan all aspects of your kitchen renovation. Planning in parts is never a good idea. Firstly, it will take longer than you expect. Then, you are more likely to forget some vital details. That’s why look at the bigger picture that includes: your cabinets, counter, sink, stove, and other appliances. Also, do not forget the moving space, lighting, and air passage. 

Not protecting the surroundings:

Last but not least, protect your surroundings. Please do not forget the other areas of your home in the renovation. So, protect your home from paint drips, glue, pins, debris, and nails. Also, keep the clutter in one room as it will be easy to clean up.


Well, this didn’t take long. We are all amateurs when it comes to kitchen renovations. So, watch out for the above mistakes in your next kitchen remodel. Utilize your space wisely and try not to overlook any details. In addition to Forevermark cabinets, focus on your counter space and other busy areas of the kitchen. And make up your budget beforehand. So, try to avoid these mistakes if you do not want to regret them later. For best consultation, visit Columbus cabinets city.  

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