10 Reasons You Should Consider 100% Polyester Shirts!

Polyester is becoming more popular in the apparel industry. It is valued by those looking for a fabric that will stand up to a lot of wear and washing. 100% Polyester shirts have become very popular due to several reasons! 

To help figure them out, read this informative blog. 

What is Polyester?  

It is a synthetic fabric woven from yarns made from polyester fibers. These fibers are the product of a chemical reaction between coal, oil, air, and water. 

Polyester is not only derived from non-renewable resources but also the process of fossil fuel extraction. It generates a high carbon footprint and by-products. When polyester fabric reaches the end of its useful life, it takes decades to degrade. 

Let’s move toward the emerging benefits of 100% Polyester. 

Benefits of Polyester Shirts 


It has a moisture-wicking ability. So it can wick moisture and sweat away from your skin. It removes accumulated moisture and keeps you fresh throughout the day. It also ensures that sweat is not trapped on shirts. 


Polyester clothing has unique properties that give garments a fresh and luxurious feel. The fabric is soft, breathable, and stays in shape all day long. This makes it an excellent choice for sportswear. 

It creates a stretchy fit that hugs the skin and keeps you comfortable all day long. 


Polyester is very durable than most blended fabrics. It’s also difficult to leave permanent stains because polyester is less absorbent than most fabrics. 

However, it is recommended that polyester garments be machine washed in warm water. Consider all-purpose detergent and tumble-dried it on a low setting.

100% polyester is a lightweight and flexible fabric. That’s why it pairs well with many clothing styles. 


Polyester costs less than cotton or wool. It is produced in large quantities at a low cost. This translates into lower costs for the consumer, which is polyester’s most significant advantage. 

But, there is a difference in quality between printing on polyester and other fabrics. You can print on polyester effectively. Its printed t-shirts are very cheap.


It’s versatile enough to combine with other fabrics effectively. These blends maximize the in a single fabric. It is due to the strength of multiple fibers present in it. 

Polyester has a charming appearance in the apparel industry. It can blend with dozens of other popular fabrics. You can dye polyester cheaply and easily during manufacture. 

Easy Care    

Apart from low cost, the best quality is its ease of maintenance. Polyester dries quickly. So you can hang it to dry in the shower. You can wear it all day without looking disheveled. It is highly resistant to stains as it does not absorb liquids easily. 

Linen and cotton fabrics retain creases and require ironing. On the contrary, polyester is wrinkle-resistant. It better retains its shape, drape, and stiffness. Polyester’s wrinkle resistance has made it particularly popular. 


Polyester’s natural water-resistance causes water to bead up its surface instead of soaking in. However, polyester is not waterproof. 

Over time enough water pressure penetrates the fabric. Increasing polyester’s thread count increases its water resistance. It also layers in jackets and coats due to its weather resistance. 

UV/Light Resistant     

Polyester offers high protection against UV rays. But sunlight can reach you if you can see sunlight through it! It is essential to take additional protective measures. 


Polyester fabric has a high flame resistance. It takes a lot for polyester actually to catch fire. For this reason, polyester is one of the most popular fabrics for children’s nightwear. It is due to its high heat resistance. 

Polyester melts at high temperatures. This poses a significant risk too. Overall, it is an excellent fabric for t-shirts. 

It Helps Pull Sweat Away from Skin      

Like many synthetic fabrics, polyester can wick moisture. When you wear a polyester t-shirt on your morning run, the fabric pulls moisture from sweat away from your skin and pulls it out through the polyester.  

How is Polyester Made?     

Polyester is an artificial polymer. It results from a chemical reaction in which two or more molecules form a larger molecule. This larger resulting molecule retains the structures of the molecules that create it. 

How Does Polyester Fabric Feel 

While natural fabrics like cotton blends, wool, and silk are known for their soft texture, polyester isn’t very soft. However, there are several methods of manufacturing polyester that determine its softness. The texture of the fabric can range from coarse to relatively soft. 

Polyester as an Outdoor Apparel

Because polyester garments are durable and moisture-resistant, it’s a common choice for outerwear. It keeps you dry in inclement weather. Nowadays, several printed and online custom t-shirts are made from polyester. 

Polyester as a Bags and Backpacks

Handbags, gym bags, and backpacks are often made from polyester or polyester blends. Why? Because polyester is cheap, durable, and moisture resistant. 

Polyester as a Microfiber Item 

Polyester and polyester/nylon blends are the bases for microfiber fabrics. Microfiber fabrics aren’t strictly for fashion, but they’re great for wicking away moisture. Furthermore, it gently cleans glass surfaces. 

Polyester as an Upholstery and Home Furnishings 

Polyester is also a common choice in interior design and home decor. You can use it for everything from curtains to cheap sheets. 

Final Words! 

Polyester might be your best option when designing t-shirts to take with you on the go. Polyester t-shirts are more durable than cotton. This makes it less likely to shrink or stretch, or maybe a best sell item in your apparel store.

Polyester dries quickly. That’s why it is a fabulous fabric to use. It is also more resistant to odors and stains than cotton. 

When your audience is out in the sun, spending time near water, or sweating, they’ll be much more comfortable in a polyester shirt. 

So, what you get from it! 

  • Are you in the mood to consider 100% polyester t-shirts in your catalog?
  • Wanna start a 100% Polyester t-shirt business?

Whatever the reason is! Polyester is an outstanding fabric with magnificent properties discussed above. 

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