10 reasons why you should get you must choose us for your printed or embroidered t-shirt orders

1) We don’t panic | Custom T-shirts

Our team has extensive experience in  Custom T-shirts printing and is trained to take all that burden off your print orders and provide you with the best assistance throughout the entire process. From the moment we receive your order, we design the visual until we deliver it, we cover it all! We are very clear that each company and each person has different requirements that is why we work very hard to meet each of them.

2) We save you time

“If you need your shirts printed for yesterday, we are the ones for your order” Fiona

You do not have time? No problem. We offer you a fast delivery service for personalized Custom T-shirts, in which we deliver your order in 24 hours. Even if you’re not in a rush, we always try to work hard to deliver your order as quickly as possible. We have more than 15 years working with companies and people like you. Think of us as an extension of your team, we work tirelessly to fulfill your requests. From the moment you ask us for the budget until the moment the products arrive, we work so that the process is carried out in the fastest and most fluid way.

3) We save you money with our prices

We guarantee to improve any budget that any other company has given you for the same order, so that you always choose Garment Printing. Not only that, but we also have an excellent turnaround time which means we deliver orders much faster than any other company in the industry.

4) We support NGOs – we give 20% discount to NGOs in the UAE

Some of our most satisfied and loyal clients are NGOs. Because we value what they do and want to support their cause, we offer affordable discount to all UAE registered NGOs. This means that your budget would be much more useful since you can order more Custom T-shirts, tote bags, hats or any personalized product you want.

5) Improve your social responsibility – Choose to choose our ecological products

We have a large section of ecological products where you can choose the one you want and you can combine them with any of our types of ecological printing. Consider opting for a Bamboo, organic cotton product in order to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Also in the same way you will be showing your clients that you are an environmentally friendly and responsible company.

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6) Fantastic results with past projects

Over the years we have carried out important projects and thus we have been able to strengthen relationships with many clients such as Google, and Android, but this does not mean that we do not value each of our clients. In fact, we are very excited to print your designs and know why you ask so we can get excited and help you print your orders. We invite you to look at some of our cases with our clients and see what they say about their experience with Garment Printing.

7) Don’t just take our word for it

We take pride in what we do and make sure to deliver a comprehensive five-star experience, from customer service to print quality to delivery time. Therefore, we are delighted to receive such positive feedback from our valued customers and continue to improve whenever possible.

8) We work with well-known and well-supported brands

In addition to having a host of prolific apparel suppliers, including Continental Clothing, Fruit of the Loom, and Stanley and Stella, we also work with good brands. So if you want your textile prints to stand out, we have many brands with which you can achieve it.

9) We are not just a custom t-shirt company

We specialize in T-shirt Embroidery in Dubai, but unlike other companies, we don’t just offer the classic white t-shirt. Thanks to the fact that we work with many recognized brands, we have a wide variety of t-shirts and other types of clothing. Think contrasting sleeves (baseball style), cropped, V-neck, fitted, oversized, and stripped tops. We have the right t-shirt for every design and purpose.

10) We offer a customized packaging and labeling service

If you are thinking of selling the garments you customize, we have the perfect service for you. When you are going to create your own brand it is very important to take into account the small details, that is why we offer the packaging and labeling service. This will help you take a lot of work off your hands as we will send you the custom garments, labeled and packed ready to go on sale.