10 Reasons to Choose Mumbai as Your Next Travel Destination

Among the top destinations to travel in India, Mumbai is a famous one. Being a city of several heritage sites, national parks, ancient monuments, and the Bollywood industry, it has become a famous tourist spot. With the coming together of seven islands in the Arabian Sea, Mumbai came into existence. This great land is recognized to be an entertaining place famed for Bollywood.

Check out the top 10 reasons to choose Mumbai as your next travel destination.

1. Land of beaches

With an extensive coastline, Mumbai has become a land of several eye-catching beaches. The beaches are kept clean from enjoying a perfect sight-seeing moment. Some famous beaches include Uran beach, Girgaon Chowpatty beach, Juhu beach, and Versova beach.

Juhu beach

2. Beautiful lakes

Among the sightseeing activities, Mumbai is famous for its stunning lake views. Some famous lakes include Tulsi Lake, Tansa Lake, and Vaitarna Lake. Among the largest lake, Vihar lake is famed in Mumbai city.

Beautiful lakes in Mumbai

3. Shopping from the streets

All the shopping lovers would get to enjoy a thrilling experience while shopping on the streets of Mumbai. You can get to shop from cheaper to all the branded clothing. Mumbai is a place that brings in enough varieties for everyone’s needs. Many tourists enjoy shopping for bags, clothes, shoes, and other things at an extremely cheap price. The famous market is “Chor Bazar” which is the oldest in the past 150 years.

shopping street in Mumbai

4. Famous street foods

The street food in Mumbai gives a mouth-watering experience to all visitors. You can’t find the amazing street foods in any other place like Mumbai. Vada Pav is a famous one loved by many. Also, “cutting chai” is a must to try. Other street foods to enjoy include Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Samosa, Chinese Bhel, Dhokla, Kebab, and others

5. Ancient national parks 

The Borivali National Park is a famous place of attraction among the visitors which is now named “Sanjay Gandhi National Park.” The flower which comes in every 7 years, Karvi is also housed in the park. Along with this, you can find a rich variety of Shisham, Teak, and wood forests. You can enjoy visiting the fauna and finding animals like leopards, monkeys, hyena, and deer at the fauna.

6. Dhobi Ghat

Mumbai is a land that gives housing to the largest Laundromat in the world which is often called “Dhobi Ghat” by the locals. It is situated in the Mahalaxmi area where the place is fully crowded with several Dhobis or washers.

7. Maratha Mandir

In Mumbai’s life, Bollywood movies remain a fame part. Many films come to the box office and break all the records of history. Not just a place of movie shooting, it is also a land of several theatre screening scenes. The famous cinema hall, known as Maratha Mandir is a must to visit Bollywood tour to Mumbai attraction place.

8. Never sleeping city

In the night, the view of Mumbai is extremely beautiful to see with the naked eyes. Even at 3 am in the early morning, the transport facility doesn’t sleep. It is better to term Mumbai as a “never-sleeping city.” You can find gardens, airports, and buildings that are opened up at the late-night also.

9. City of Theatre and art

With a multiplied range of cultures, the city of Mumbai gives equal importance to the theatre and art entertainment. Being a birthplace for the cinema in India or Bollywood fame, it is among a great place to explore art and theatre. Among the famous theatres, there are Prithvi Theatre, Om Natya Gandhi Mandir Theatre, and Rangshila Theatre Group. Mainly, the plays are entertained in the Marathi language. Though, you can find some of them in English, Hindi, and other languages also.

10. Place Of Festivals

The Mumbaikars are famous for the festival celebrations. The varied culture is celebrated with complete joy and fun. The enthusiasm and enjoyment seen in the city while celebrating festivals are extremely thrilling. Some festivals include Navratri, Holi, Durga Pooja, Ganesh Chathurthi, Id, and Diwali.

Place of festivals in Mumbai


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