10 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

Are you sure you’re getting the worth of what you’re paying your HVAC contractor?

Bad service and issues with commercial HVAC can hurt your business. Aside from not receiving the results you want, you’ll also be incurring added expenses.

Reviews and customer testimonials can show your HVAC contractor’s trustworthiness. However, your setup is not the same as their other clients.

It’s best to know their expertise first-hand.

Even if they’ve worked with you in the past, laying the groundwork can help ensure you get the results you want. The good news is that you can do this even before performing their service.

Here are ten questions on what to ask your HVAC contractor ahead of time:

1. Is Your HVAC Company Licensed and Insured?

Not all states have HVAC licensing requirements. However, it’s a must for technicians who work with refrigerants. They must have certifications to follow EPA regulations.

HVAC companies need to have this license in able for them to have a permit to operate. Permits and licenses are for your protection.

There are instances when an installation does not meet the city’s code requirements. In case this happens, a licensed HVAC contractor will shoulder the penalty charges. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying for all the penalty charges yourself.

On the same note, HVAC contractors with insurance will not hold you liable for accidents. You’re safe even if their technician gets involved in an accident on-site.

2. What is Your Strategy in Ensuring That Your Recommendations Will Address My Needs?

You have to make sure that your HVAC contractor is not taking any shortcuts. Replacements involve not only switching the old unit with a new one. They should consider components such as fittings, dampers, and safety switches.

Your main goal here is to understand if your contractor is over or under-sizing your system. Companies that produce a quote in a short amount of time may not be your best option. They should always collect enough information before they recommend a product or service.

3. Can You Provide Me With a List of the Best Manufacturers for My Request?

No manufacturer can offer a single solution to meet all demands. Your contractor should be able to match your needs with various models and brands.

A knowledgeable commercial HVAC contractor doesn’t push for a single manufacturer only. They should be able to give you alternative brands for your specific needs.

4. When Can You Get Started?

Proper scheduling is important with whatever type of business. The contractor must provide you with a definite date when their service will start. It will allow you to cordon off a particular section for their maintenance work.

This step becomes even more important if your customers are currently using the area.

For example, restaurant owners must be able to close the area off from customers. Getting the diners to move to another place after they’re seated can affect the image of the business.

5. How Long Will it Take to Finish My Job Request?

You must have an actual time frame for the contractor to complete their job. Knowing this can help you adjust to accommodate their service. It helps reduce any disruption from your end.

A reliable commercial HVAC contractor should be able to set a realistic timeline. You should also ask them how they will compensate your company if they miss their deadline.

6. Can You Specify What Your Warranty Includes?

A manufacturer’s warranty only covers the actual unit. It should not be mistaken for your HVAC contractor’s service warranty.

While most contractors offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this is a vague claim. You must ask them to specify the details of the satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, it’s best to have it done in writing.

7. What Trainings Does Your Salesperson Have That Produce a Reliable Quote?

Did you know that improper HVAC installation can reduce its efficiency by up to 30%?

A proper quote dictates the equipment and services use during installation. A salesperson with a background experience in the HVAC industry can help ensure this.

Lack of experience in this field can lead to improper sizing. As a result, installation may end up being incomplete. Your HVAC system could start failing earlier than it’s supposed to be.

8. Can You Explain the Quote in Detail?

The quote you receive should not be a list of items only. It should include information such as obtaining permits and a written guarantee. It should also specify the particular purpose of each part and component.

Asking this question will help you make sure that there are no unnecessary items on the quote. It can also help you determine if you need to add parts to ensure your HVAC system performs well.

9. What Are My Payment Options?

Payment and financing plans vary among HVAC companies. Most of them would demand you to pay 30% or more upfront. There are even HVAC contractors who would ask for a 50/50 payment arrangement.

It’s better to be aware of these early on so you can understand if your budget can accommodate the price they offer. A flexible commercial HVAC contractor will allow you to negotiate.

10. What Should I Expect After the Installation or Repair?

Even if you picked the best model for your HVAC system, it still needs to undergo regular maintenance. Your contractor should be able to provide you the time before its efficiency starts to drop.

They can also let you know what to expect, such as how it will affect your utility expenses.

It’s best to get an idea if they offer any maintenance agreement. If you can add this to your initial quote, you should be able to negotiate a cheaper total cost as well.

Ensure That Your Commercial HVAC Contractor Meets Your Needs

Ask your HVAC contractor these questions. The complexities of hiring a commercial HVAC installation and service will become simpler. It will make things easier for both of you and will make sure you receive the value for your money.

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