10 Questions to Ask about Office Space for Sale

It is essential that your commercial real estate agent knows all the crucial details about any office space for sale in Kolkata that you might be interested in. It is vital that they and you question details so you can make the best decision for your business. It is an unfortunate fact that some property owners are not honest about the property in an effort to just sell it and that can lead to issues and costs for any new owner. Here are 10 questions and concerns to consider.

  1. What business is in the property right now? That affects the zoning and permissions for the property. If your type of business is completely different you might need to look into that.
  2. What history does the property have? Has it had notices or orders issued against it and were those dealt with properly? Are there still any notices outstanding that you will have to handle if you buy?
  3. How is the property being used currently? If people are renting space in it already, will you be taking over those rental agreements?
  4. For how it is being operated now what are the costs? If it is a similar business to your own that will give you an idea of what costs to expect and you can compare that to another place in the area and at other locations when you look for office space for sale Kolkata.
  5. Does the property have any equipment, chemicals or materials that will need to be properly removed and handled? Make sure it is documented and handled correctly.
  6. Is the property in compliance with current building codes and is the paperwork there for that? If you do discover issues you should either adjust the offer or ask for things to be dealt with and satisfied before you make the purchase.
  7. Look into how you can access the property. Look at all the roads, and how you can get there from major highways if there is a way for employees to get there from public transportation links if most of them travel that way and do not drive. Are there any restrictions on access to the property in terms of times of day for example? That might affect what office space for sale in Kolkata you look at.
  8. What about other properties around the property you are looking at? Are there any existing tensions or issues, matters about rights of way or boundaries for example.
  9. It is an energy-efficient commercial property? With the cost of energy nowadays and the state of the planet, it is everyone’s responsibility to try and be better in terms of energy use and impact on the environment.

Talk to any neighbours around the property. Make sure you know about how they use the location, any issues they might have, and if they have any concerns about a change in ownership should you invest in that office space for sale Kolkata.