10 Process Automation Examples

Each company is trying to find the best solutions for organizing the business in order to save money, increase efficiency and income, and take the brand to a new level. By dividing all the activities of the company into a sequence of stages and results, it is possible to manage the process more consciously. However, when the business begins to grow, it becomes more and more difficult for the management to control all the processes taking place in the company.

So-called “black holes” appear. At first glance, they are invisible and do not seem to affect the main goal of the business (making a profit), but in fact, seriously hinder its development and lead to the loss of real money. The use of modern business technologies can help to calculate them and eliminate the consequences.

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It seems to many that this greatly complicates the work and increases costs, without guaranteeing returns. In fact, effective HR process automation solutions, which can be found by following the hr process automation, can facilitate and accelerate the company`s growth. This applies not only to large but also to small companies, which can eliminate unnecessary losses through automation and save the money necessary for further development.

Relevance of Process Automation at the Modern Stage

Today, the topic of process automation is becoming one of the most relevant and discussed. And this is quite justified. Companies created 10-15 years ago have already reached a certain level, and it becomes obvious that it is impossible to develop further and increase competitiveness by the same methods that were used before. Young companies that have emerged in today’s economic environment are trying to find ways to survive and develop in the face of intense competition.

The first thing to understand is that automation is just a lever for more efficient management of the enterprise. Building a model of business processes and optimizing them allows getting a holistic vision of the company’s work and harmoniously adjusting the information system. The effect will be obtained if the business is restructured and optimized first, and only then the updated business processes are automated.

Great Examples of Business Optimization Processes

Let`s consider several good automatization examples below.

Hiring Process

Management functions related to personnel are very labor-intensive and require a lot of time. Therefore, automation of the process of collecting, processing, transmitting, and storing information about the company’s personnel is expedient. Thanks to the automation of routine work related to personnel accounting, data filtering and transfer, the HR department is able to pay more attention to employee motivation, labor discipline, and career development of personnel. All this has a positive effect on the social and psychological climate of the enterprise. And this, in turn, activates the working capacity of people.

An effective example of automating the hiring process is the use of the Job Bot on Telegram, Viber, or Facebook by Salateira to conduct an interview in 90 seconds.

Employee Onboarding

The system of personnel onboarding in conditions of digitalization is an important component of HR management in modern companies. It is aimed at faster involvement of a new employee in the work process and corporate culture of the company, reducing the number of possible mistakes, forming a positive image of the organization, as well as checking the suitability of the new specialist for the position as a whole. According to Glassdoor, in companies with an onboarding process, the rate of retention of new employees increases by 82%, and their productivity increases by more than 70%.

Employee Analytics and Retention

Employee retention is the company’s effort to continue cooperation with specialists for as long as possible. The retention rate, in turn, directly affects the success of the business. Automation allows receiving employee analytics, determining the level of satisfaction and engagement in work, and making effective decisions about retaining valuable employees.

Employee Leave and Vacations Requests

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No more wasting time manually counting employees at work. Thanks to modern software, it is possible to set up automatic accounting for monitoring working hours, vacations and days off, as well as filing a letter of resignation. A good example is the Vacation Solution software. This is a vacation automation solution from FMF.

Transcript Processing

The text transcript of the meeting is a necessary component in the work of many organizations. As a rule, the process of creating and transcribing transcripts is quite lengthy, and attempts to speed it up by expanding the staff involved in the process seem to be ineffective. The automated process simplifies the work of individual stenographers and groups of stenographers in organizations of various levels.

Claims Processing

Claims management is part of many customer relationship management strategies. This is an important point of contact that allows retaining loyal customers. After all, keeping a current customer is almost always much easier and cheaper than getting a new one.

A well-designed, automated claims processing allows to reduce the total number of claims and their processing time, as well as maintain and enhance a brand’s reputation.

Accounts Receivable

The concept of receivables arises from the time gap between the sale of a product or service to a buyer or customer and their payment. The amount of receivables directly affects the financial condition of the company and its future functioning. Effective management, control, as well as timely regulation of its volumes in modern conditions requires a well-planned automated process. The automated management system independently identifies debtors who have debts and requires the adoption of recovery measures. It independently generates a list of recovery steps and issues an action plan to employees of the organization, monitors all stages, and issues a detailed report for each counterparty.

For example, with the help of Directum Prestima, it is possible to solve problems related to credit policy requirements and receivables management. The system allows to rank debtors according to various signs of stability and reliability. Such ratings include the following criteria: the annual turnover of the counterparty, the presence of arbitration cases, the grace period, and the credit limit.

Issuing Invoices to Clients, Calculation of Taxes, Salaries, Preparation of Reports and Acts

Today, various accounting services, for example, such as Dedicated Bookkeeper, are widely used for automatic financial management. The entire database is automatically maintained and updated in the program. All an accountant needs to do is press buttons to make a payroll calculation at the end of the reporting period, prepare a report, or pay taxes to the correct bank accounts.

Site Administration

Website administration is usually carried out using CMS systems (Tilda, WordPress). To use them and make any changes to the structure of the site, you do not need to be a professional programmer. All actions are performed through the admin panel of the CMS system and are available to any user.

Sending SMS and Email Messages to Clients

Sending 100-1000 messages manually is time-consuming and costly. ESP systems (GetResponse, Mailchimp, UniSender, etc.) help automate this process. With the help of a system for sending mass mailings, you can create a letter layout in a block editor, upload a customer database, and send a message to all contacts in one click.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

IT automation of processes is relevant both for improving business efficiency in commercial structures and in government institutions. It is a serious step towards the formalization of activities. In general, automation processing brings the following benefits:

  • Reduction of the terms of tasks execution;
  • Reduction of labor costs;
  • Minimization of the inaccuracy of information processed in the company;
  • Improvement of the production process;
  • Increasing the efficiency of interaction with customers;
  • Ensuring the efficiency of financial reporting and analytics;
  • Increasing the level of teamwork.

Thus, the automation of IT processes leads to an increase in the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole. It allows to solve a variety of problems and provides business flexibility while maximizing the use of already deployed resources and minimizing the cost of expenses.