10 Powerful SEO Content Tools That Will Improve Your Search Traffic

Content is king, but if you receive low traffic despite writing valuable content, you might need an SEO content tool that can check your website’s content and analyze them to make corrections. Utilizing SEO content tools would improve your content ranks on the search engine results and beat your competitors. Mentioned below are some of the best SEO content tools according to Joel House Gold Coast SEO. Some of these tools are available in paid subscriptions, while others are available for free.

1.     Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a full SEO content analysis and website audit tool you could try. This tool comes with various features that will give you accurate reports after analyzing your webpages. The features of this tool include content explorer, content gap tool, keyword, and website explorer. It offers keywords suggestions that could make a website prominent in search results. 

Besides, these tools examine any duplicate contents, the value of the contents on the site, and if the word count is adequate. Ahrefs checks for webpages that load sluggishly, internal and outward links, and detect fragmented pages, orphan pages, and website pages that display the error 404.

2.     Semrush

This paid traffic tracking software is used widely by webmasters, SEO services providers, and enthusiasts for content optimization, competitor research, and link building. SEMrush is used to find those high-traffic, low competition keywords that will move the needle. This tool will let you perform a website content check to unveil prospects you can act on.

Using this software right involves a careful study of SEO and interpretation of reports. So if you are unable to understand any technical language when using this tool, the team at Joel House Search Media can help you.

3.     Google Keyword Planner

Here is another vital tool used for planning content for a site. If you have a Google Adword account, the Google keyword planner opens fresh prospects for research. This software suggests keywords and provides comprehensive and detailed search results that can be immediately put into action.

This tool allows you to search for words, phrases, or a URL related to your business. You’ll see the top keywords with average monthly searches on Google. We suggest using Keyword Planner; it’s more than just an ad planning tool; it’s an SEO’s dream. 

4.     BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another SEO content tool that analyzes your content and puts them into two headings with separate metrics for websites and keywords. This software lets you get ideas on subjects you are researching by asking questions linked to the word. You can type the subject for search, and the app does the heavy lifting and shows you the most widely used titles for that subject.

 Besides entering keywords for search, this app will allow you to search for any topic via the Subreddit threads. BuzzSumo lets you stay alert on any topic that concerns your brand, so you are up to date.

5.     Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is beneficial for monitoring a website’s real SEO activities. It shows essential data that includes traffic sources; time users stayed on a page, bounce rate, speed of the page, and the organic traffic results. This information would enable you to adopt a useful keyword campaign strategy to create content that engages your audience.

Studying the information this tool provides will also help you find content, optimize content, and off and on-page activities, to improve the areas that will boost traffic and provide solutions to actions that weaken your conversion rate.

6.     MOZ Pro

Increasing your website traffic needs diverse software. A tool that can help you reach that goal easily is the MOZ Pro tool. This software is a full SEO package that provides you with SEO content assessment capability. It enables you to find prospects for generating backlinks and reveals your competitor’s link structure.

Moz Pro automatically alerts you weekly for any new issues so you can fix it. With this tool, you can see what’s working for the competitors and identify what you need to win the top spot on search engine ranking. You can view the automatic outcomes of your site metrics directly on the SERP. 

7.     Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is another SEO content tool that measures the entire backlinks in a site. This free SEO tool enables you to gather data related to a domain or keyword. To use this software, enter a search term into the search box, and it will display the volume of that keyword plus the typical cost per click, and keyword difficulty.

This tool also displays a longtail keyword for a search inquiry and shows you the site ranking in the top position for the longtail keyword. With this data, you can create a content strategy and produce engaging content for your audience that ranks for a targeted keyword.

8.     QuickSprout 

QuickSprout is another powerful SEO content tool that can get you more traffic. This tool reveals the mistakes you make on your website and provides suggestions that could improve your site traffic. It enables you to make changes on how to write content and do content marketing promotions.

This easy to use tool will help you implement a content marketing program seamlessly. You may use the results from this tool to make an editorial chart, blog posts, and content creation tasks that blend with your site’s search engine optimization plans. 

9.      Squirrly

 Squirrly is one of the top SEO content tools that can increase your search results for the keywords that you are ranking for. This tool checks your optimized content and could let you increase traffic by 285%. It enables you to optimize your content for Google and your audience, making it an excellent content marketing tool.

This tool is easy to install as you can find it among software in your WordPress Dashboard. Once you install it, you can start using it to search for profitable longtail keywords that you can rank for with ease in search engines.

10. Emotional Headline Analyzer

Buyers buy with their emotions and back up their purchase actions with reasons later. Though some people are logical about buying stuff, most people are not and buy with feeling.

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