10 Operations That All Small Businesses Can Automate

Managing various business operations is not easy. You might end up spending a significant amount of time on menial tasks like checking your emails or managing your everyday finances. Doing so leaves little room to manage other operations necessary for your business’s growth. Therefore, you can automate regular tasks to save you precious time. This can also help you in saving thousands of dollars.

So, here are a few business operations that you can automate to lower your stress and responsibilities:

Email Marketing

Almost all businesses use email and social media marketing to improve their ROI and enhance their popularity. However, not many of them try to automate the basic processes to increase profits. The right software can enable you to categorize your email lists in terms of both the economic and demographic data.

The experts that I hired from an agency offering mortgage staffing solutions suggested me an app and software that helped me with acquiring customer data for email marketing easily. Hence with the right team, you can also automate this process to save time.    

Helpdesk Support

Automating the helpdesk support can help you in eliminating the lost ticket and avoiding the repetitive work. A smart IT software can automatically detect the submission of a ticket. It can then assign an owner and due date and adjust it accordingly in the priority list. It can eliminate the chances of human error and enhance productivity in the long run. Since the system gets integrated with IT, it can also reduce the chances of cyberattacks and hacking. 

SMS Notifications

With the advancement in technology, you would expect that people might prefer emails and social media platforms over SMS to reach you. But a significant percentage of people still use SMS service. Therefore, you can automate the responses instead of expecting your employees to respond to every query individually. It can also significantly decrease the time that is required to complete a request.

Budget Approvals

You can automate the budget-making and fund allocating processes to easily identify unallocated funds. This can be especially useful if you have multiple stakeholders in your department. Successful identification of unallocated funds can help in improving collaboration and increasing transparency in terms of your spending habits.

Social Media Publishing

Nearly every business nowadays has several social media accounts. You can’t automatically produce original content for your accounts but you can automate the publishing and distribution processes.

By producing quality content in advance, you can ensure regular posting on social media pages with advancjed tools.

Smart software can help in scheduling the posts that are to be shared across a variety of networks. If you are a small business owner, you might already have to manage several operations by yourself. By automating such menial operations, you can save a lot of time.  

Client Onboarding

You can automate the client onboarding to a certain extent. For-example you can automate the tutorials and training programs. This can help you in saving both time and resources. Your clients can also learn about basic concepts and business functions easily. 

Financial Operations

Manually managing business finances is a risky thing to do. This is because paying bills, handling receipts, and managing big transactions can get overwhelming at times. With e-banking and e-accounting facilities, you can handle various transactions easily. This, in turn, will enable to save your time and increase your business’s efficiency.  

Data Back-Up

Backing up customer data is a very important process. The loss of valuable customers, employees, and financial data can set you back disastrously. Therefore, make sure that you install or develop good software that can help you in backing up this data easily. 

Automating this process will also help in eliminating human errors and improving functionality. A thing to keep in mind while installing software is to make sure that it can handle the required amount of storage.

Fraud Detection and Risk Mitigation

By automating the workflow, you can reduce the need for manual labor to fill forms. It can help in making sure that the data entered complies with your business’s rules and regulations. A smart workflow can alert your team members in case of any issues faced upon data entry and can reduce the chances of fraud. For example, an audit trail can be used in the financial industry to significantly reduce risks through a chain of approvals and comments.

Hiring Your Team Members

Finally, many smart hiring tools can help you save both time and money. For-example when I had to do high-volume recruitment for my business, programmatic advertising enabled me to reach the right people with the right kind of information. Also, AI assessment software enabled me to give every candidate a fair chance and eliminate the impact of biases on hiring decisions.

Therefore, by automating the business processes effectively, you can save valuable resources and also improve efficiency.   

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