10 Inviting Living Room Layouts

For many it is a frequent space intended for sharing stories and laughs with the whole family. Obviously, the living room is where you may have relaxed with the family and entertained guests for the holidays, or just because. To make new memories in your house, it’s important to create a living room design that first serves its role and second reflects your family’s style.

To inspire your big move or home remodel, we created living room designs which can be replicated in all types of living room shapes and sizes. Use our living room templates as a way to create an area that shows off your family member’s styles by personalizing the colour, furniture and home decor.

If you’re moving into a new home, think about waiting to fully plan the living room until living in the room to get a sense for where the light strikes during the day. Do not feel like you will need to fill every crevice of the room–you could always add furniture and decor over time and rearrange.


If your living area has a natural centerpiece, like a fireplace and mantel, create a cozy gathering around it. Try two comfy armchairs like the picture above or a combination of armchairs with a little love seat. Encourage conversation by adding accessories like throw pillows and blankets which invite someone to relax and share their day.

If your family spends most of their time in the living area, make it kid-friendly by creating an open space with plenty of space for activities. Choose dependable furniture like sturdy sofas and chairs which will live with you as your family grows. Opt for larger sofas and coffee tables, so you can fit all the kids (and their stuff!) Without making the space feel too cluttered.


Have a living room that spills out from the kitchen? Embrace the open area while still developing a clear definition with a longer sofa. Match your little decor like end tables and rugs into the decor in the kitchen (like the timber fitting the backsplash above) so the entire space is in harmony. Be sure to pick colors that compliment one another when painting the rooms.

Focal Point:

For those who have a major feature that you wish to emphasize in your living space, design your design around it. Anything from a fireplace, large window, accent wall or big bookcase can become the center of attention if you balance the furniture around it correctly.

Make your favorite part of your living room, like a pool table or big screen TV, the main event. Decorate around these large items with versatile pieces such as low back sofas and lots of smaller items which are easy to swap out, such as throw pillows and plants. Not only will it make the space less distracting, but also easier to navigate when you have more guests.


Create the ultimate balance with a symmetrical room. This is most easily done around the fireplace where you can stack shelving on each side. Finish the look with identical sofas on and wall decoration that matches. This makes an elegant and clean appearance your visitors will pine over.


For those who have a smaller living space , think about creating a space that can have several uses. Include a coffee table and small sofa for lounging, along with a small desk and chair for a workspace. Use something to divide both spaces like a coffee table, a bookshelf or the back of a couch to specify the spaces.


Much like symmetrical, balanced living rooms do not need exactly matching furnishings. You just have to make sure that the room feels not too light or heavy on one end, like in the photo above in which a large sofa is complemented by two armchairs. This is ideal if you would like to achieve a symmetrical appearance but don’t feel like investing in several large pieces.


Use unique furniture to turn a simple room into a crafty space. Throw away your conventional thinking. Want a circular bookcase? Anything goes! Keep the space feeling arranged by keeping to the same style, such as travel themed or a specific colour palette.


Possibly the most challenging way to decorate, sometimes you have to work around a strangely spaced wall or room. Embrace the change by keeping furniture minimal and using the wall as a blank canvas. Create a glowing accent wall or decorate with your favorite photos. Guests will be more focused on the impressive decor that they won’t even notice the misalignment.
With these layouts in mind, make the living room of your dreams. Contain vibrant accent walls or an inviting photo wall to make your room feel like home. Don’t forget to personalize your living room as well with throw pillows, blankets, wall art and more.