10 Influencer Marketing Tips to Generate More Leads

It will not come as a surprise that influencers have THE BIGGEST audience! What else do you really need to market your brand? It has been observed that about 50-60 percent of consumers are affected by influencer recommendations.


Most of you must have witnessed some of the other sorts of influencer marketing endorsements but wouldn’t have known what it actually is. We at Confluencr- An Influencer Marketing Agency aim to broaden your base of knowledge in the world of influencer marketing! 


For those who have already been here and have been trying hard to make a space for themselves, Confluencr is one such marketing agency which has just what you need to have. From scratch to tracking your success, or knowing what tools to use, or even generating more leads; we have all the solutions.


Especially, when it comes to driving more conversions for your business or generating better leads, influencer agencies like us believe in some of the best tried and tested tips. Have a look at some of the finest ones and grow yourself in this niche.

1. Define Your March. 

Once you have a product or service to endorse, you should think about the type of campaign you wish to go ahead with. You may choose to go for guest-posting, co-creating content, giveaways or even sponsoring content.

2. Choose Influencers Wisely. 

If you wish to indulge in influencer marketing, you cannot choose randomly. You need someone who can align with your propaganda and has an engaging audience. Another important thing to keep in mind is that a bigger following base does not guarantee better results. The followers must be genuine and active. In this context, many micro-influencers have larger engagement rates. Prefer going through their work/blogs before you decide to involve them.

3. Ask For Testimonials. 

People tend to develop a trust-based relationship with the influencers they follow. If they review a product to be good, the people do believe it! In order to drive more leads, make sure that you include a lot of influencer reviews on your website. You may even create a testimonial page dedicated primarily for this purpose.

4. Allow Creative Freedom For Influencers. 

You may choose to collaborate with a number of micro-influencers at the same time. Influencers help bring in quality leads as they have better clarity about their followers and also what kind of products/services may interest them. After you have briefed about your objectives of the campaign, allow the influencers to use their own ideas and voice. This gives your campaign a different angle while it being authentic at the same time.

5. Identify Your Audience. 

Before going forward with your crusade, you must be aware of the population you wish to approach. Create a consumer persona and study the demographic and psychological factors that may attract your audience towards what you offer. Once you have a rough idea, it will be easier to identify regular and loyal consumers.

6. Instagram! 

Amongst a lot of social media platforms, Instagram has seen a major boom in the past few years. It currently has over 1 billion active users. You would not want to miss out on such a big potential audience. Posting attractive pictures and clips draw a lot of attention. Many famed brands have chosen this as a step to generate more quality leads. Just like this gaming app – Bejeweled, collaborated with a famous influencer David Lopez. He shared pictures of him playing the game. This is how you may approach this social media platform too.

7. Creating Different Influencer Personas. 

You will be glad to know that influencers can be created from internal sources as well. You might think about swerving your current clients to endorse further. This can prove to be the best form of strategy because of the genuineness of their advocacy. If you are indulging in external sources, you may find some industry experts, bloggers or even business partners to play this role.

8. Nurturing Influencer Relationships.  

It is very essential to maintain a healthy connection with all the influencers you tied up to. If you have been seeing good results over a long period of time, then this connection may serve other purposes too. It may as well happen that the influencers approach you for some courtesy. If this happens you should definitely vouch to help. The relationship is symbiotic. 

9. Interviews.

One successful advice to be successful in influencer marketing is to take interviews. Discover the relevant industry/sector/expert and talk to them about your product or service. This should help you generate leads as well as drive more engagement. You could also get a few experts to quality check and corroborate your product. From here, you can include the same as part of your e-letters, brochures, etc.

10. Content Distribution. 

Even with vast platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, having a successful influencer marketing campaign is a tough chore. Even the most renowned marketers struggle to reach out to new audiences. This is why it is really important to know which part of the content goes where. Not every sort of product can be marketed suitably on social media and this goes for other sources too.


Try your hands on these suggestions and see the change in your leads and engagement. For any further help, feel free to join us at Confluencr- An Influencer marketing company. We are just one e-mail away.