10 healthy foods to include in your diet

Eating healthy food is very crucial for our health but in this competitive and fast world, we often forget to take care of our health and diet. Eating Gregg’s sausage roll without measuring Calories Greggs sausage roll contains is a regular habit for many of us. So here is a list of the top 10 healthy foods that you can ensure in your diet if not daily then on alternative days to get an interaction with a health and healthy body. These ten foods are very much helpful to keep you fit and healthy for the long term. 

Dry fruits and nuts like Almonds, walnuts, and Pistachio

The first and very important part of your diet is dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and pistachio which are very essential for growing kids too. You can easily include them in your diet as they do not need much effort and taste all good. So if you are planning to switch to a healthy diet then make sure to include these dried fruits in your diet as per your taste you can change the combination of these nuts as well.

Dairy items including Curd, Milk, and buttermilk 

Another big part of your healthy diet is a dairy product which includes milk for your bones and buttermilk, curd which improves your immune system of the body. Taking curd in the lunch is very healthy as a probiotic. You do not have to add any artificial probiotic to your gut when you are taking curd daily in your diet.

Eggs from poultry

Eggs are very much good when it comes to a balanced and healthy diet. Two eggs, one apple, and a glass of milk can suffice your breakfast to meet all your nutrition. This is the reason why doctors also suggest patients eat eggs after an ailment. So this is a must-go food when you are planning a healthy diet for you. 

Carbohydrates like green vegetables

You can also add carbohydrates which are a very good part of healthy food. Green leafy vegetables including spinach and cabbage, and lettuce can form a good part of a healthy meal. Make sure to eat vegetables daily with your breakfast or lunch to feed your body all  the essential nutrition.

Whole fiber foods such as wheat, Barley, and corn

Fiber food that can include wheat, Barley, corn and maize is again very much healthy for humans. You can easily add this to your diet to see the results of a healthy diet. The majority of the healthy people on this earth are relying their diet on whole grains meals only.

Healthy juices from fresh fruits

Juices from different fruits like apple juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice, etc. can also serve a very good diet for you. You can add this healthy drink to your diet very easily though it takes a bit of effort on your side to extract healthy juice in the morning. Stay away from the citric fruits in the early morning hours and reserve them for the afternoon only.

Fruits including apples, citric fruits, and others

Eating fruits as a whole is a very good part of healthy food as it gives fiber and contents of juice also. You also do not have to put extra effort into the juice when you are eating the fruit directly. This is something very important for the overall growth of a person especially growing children to include fruit in their diet. de fruit in their diet.

Pulses are best for proteins

Proteins come from pulses and legumes and that is why we cannot keep them out of the list of healthy food. Pulses ensure meeting the need for proteins in our body for wear and tear purposes. So make sure to include pulses in your diet on regular basis as well.

Fish for omega- 3 fatty acid

Fish is again a very rich food that comprises omega-3 fatty acids. This complex is very important for our brain to pass the signals in the nervous system. Fish is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids and you can have it in your food as well.

Peanut butter is an important diet 

Last but most crucial is peanut butter which can be a good choice when it comes to choosing a healthy diet. But if you want to lose your calories or weight then make sure to limit the consumption of peanut butter.

So these are the top ten healthy food that you can consider for your diet and even can serve to your kids also. Eating healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle is a very important parts of our life to ensure the best health in the longer run. Those who do not bother much about their health have to face serious inferences in the later part of their life.

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