10 Guidelines To Follow While On A Weight Loss Journey

We all desire to stay fit as a fiddle & build a healthy physique. As good as it sounds, achieving it is often a rather strenuous task. A bad workout regimen, unhealthy choice of food, lack of motivation or even the impatience shown in the journey of getting good results can all hinder the process of effective weight loss. Thus, it is imperative to avoid common mistakes when you are on the path to weight loss. Here are a few guidelines by Nutrasphere to follow to help you lose weight fast naturally and permanently.


1. Plan A Weight-Loss Regime To Suit Your Body Type

Each person has a different type of body. So it’s important to first figure out where you belong – oval, apple-shaped, or pear-shaped body. Do you wish to lose fat from all over your body or are there any specific problem areas like the hips or belly? Once you’ve figured that out, then plan your weight loss regime accordingly. Keep a track of your weight-loss achievements in a journal to help you get the motivation.

2. Increase Hydration

One of the best ways to lose weight fast naturally is to increase your water intake. Drinking water will help in flushing out the toxins from your body and keep you well hydrated. Apart from water, you can also go for natural fluids such as tender coconut water to hydrate yourself. Drinking some water before a meal is also believed to reduce the chances of overeating.

3. Add Fresh Fruits And Vegetables To Your Diet

We often don’t eat fruits or vegetables on a regular basis. Fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritious for your body. The fiber content in them keeps you feeling full for a longer time, reduces water retention in your body, and also helps aid digestion. They also contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals to keep your skin and hair healthy and shiny.

4. Snack Healthily

We all feel the urge to snack on salty or sugary foods from time to time. However, trying to curb the urge completely will only make you binge more on those junk foods. Instead, use smart ways to indulge in snacks. Keep healthy snacks like unsalted roasted nuts, seasonal fruits, sprouts or vegetable salads, or yogurt at home and workplace. This way, you’ll not reach for junk food when those unexpected hunger pangs strike.

5. Eat Frequent But Small Meals

Another clever way to avoid junk food binge and help reduce weight is to eat frequent but small meals. It increases the metabolic rate of your body. Balance your full meals with short healthy snacks in between throughout the day. This will help reduce the chances of increased hunger which can make you binge on unhealthy foods to keep you full.

6. Consume More Protein

Proteins are usually low in fat. They help in managing your body weight by replacing the fat loss with muscle. Foods that contain proteins are nutritious and also keep you full for longer. You can go for lean proteins like eggs, fish, beans, lentils, peas, tofu, and lean meats.

7. Cut Down On Processed Sugar

Avoid foods and drinks that contain excessive levels of processed sugars. Carbonated drinks, candies, cookies and biscuits all contain excessive amounts of sugar, even in small servings. There are also certain food items that are not sweet but might contain sugar as a preservative like in tomato ketchup and sauces, certain salad dressings, and sugar-coated breakfast cereals. So, beware of such foods that can fool you into believing they do not contain sugar.

8. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods are those foods that are convenient but have added amounts of salts and preservatives to increase their shelf life. They also lack any nutrition that could benefit your body. Such foods can prove disastrous for your weight loss regimen. For instance, processed foods like instant noodles and potato chips are fried before being packed. Even the baked version of such foods contain excessive salt that can result in water retention in your body. Other processed foods include processed cheese, white pasta, white bread, etc.

9. Get Sufficient Sleep

By this, we mean a sufficient amount of sleep at night. A high level of stress is one of the factors for weight gain. When you get sufficient sleep at night, your body undergoes its own detox process. It not only breaks down the toxins in your body but also de-stresses you. When you stay awake for a longer time at night, your body utilizes the reserved energy to keep you active thereby increasing your stress levels. Therefore, sleep when your body demands and do not try to fight the urge and stay awake.

10. Exercise Regularly

All that dieting, hydration, and a good sleep will come to nought if you do not exercise regularly. Some people might argue that they are usually active physically by doing household chores, driving long distances, etc. However, such activities make you tired and stress you out. But exercising, especially during the early morning refreshes not only your body but also your mind. Start with a 30-minute brisk walk followed by deep breathing exercises. Then gradually increase the duration and the type of exercises like gym or yoga.

The journey toward weight loss and perfect health is not a walk in the park (pun intended). You need to practice patience and perseverance to reach your goals. And once you do, don’t sit back and relax. You need to keep at it and make healthy living a way of your life. Only then will you be able to truly live your life to its fullest.


Prakash M Rao is a clinical biochemist from Institute of Science Mumbai who also is an MBA in Marketing was an Associate Editor of the magazine “ Foods & Drinks” and CEO of NutraSphere currently handles a variety of consultancy assignments in foods, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics as a CEO of a multi-faceted company Zantech.