10 Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Your hair loves you! Whether you remove them a hundred times or a thousand times— they keep coming back to you. But love works on the principle of reciprocity. Right? And you don’t want them. Period! That’s why you wish to have them removed permanently with laser treatment.


But you’re not alone. The trend is going uphill, and many want to feel clean and smooth in their skins. With everyone going gaga at once, there’s plenty of misinformation as well. Fret not! We’ll cover most of your doubts so that your hair removal treatment goes as flat as a pancake.


Let’s quickly hop on the top 10 common questions asked!


1 Is laser hair removal safe?

You might be doubting the safety of hair removal treatment because the ‘girl next door’ said so! First thing first— avoid unsolicited advice. Second— avoid asking for information from the non-expert types. Laser hair removal is very safe if operated by skilled experts. 


Generally, a dermatologist is a trained expert who hits a beam of concentrated laser in the hair follicle. The process is so safe that the laser only affects these follicles, leaving the surrounding skin cells unharmed. Our Laser Center of Orlando uses the same technique to fend off your hair.

2 What is the price of laser hair treatment?

Well, do all lawn mowers cost the same? Of course not! They charge depending on the size of the field—the same with your hair removal. The price depends on the size of the area to be treated. According to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons— the average cost for hair removal sits around $429. But this can go up as high as 900$ to as low as 350$. Notably, it’s not a full-body hair removal cost. 


And yes, larger body areas take more time, sitting, and treatments than the smaller areas. So, the rates are also affected by what area you are getting mowed. Few areas are a tad stubborn. They need more treatment than others. Thus, the costing depends on that as well.

3 Can anyone have their hair removed?

Yes and no! If everyone has pigmented hair follicles, they all can have effective hair removal treatment. However, everyone doesn’t have pigmented follicles. Some have blond, light, or grey/white follicles.


These lasers detect dark pigments better than light pigments. The process is detecting, heating, and disabling the follicle. Since grey, blond, and light hairs have fewer melanin pigments, lasers turn blind-eyes to detect and burn them up. 

4 Does laser treatment work on every area of the body?

Absolutely yes! You can have hair removed for every part of your body. Armpits, bikini, chest, thighs— get treated at your favorite area. The pain point of waxing and shaving is that they can’t stop your hair from re-growing. But laser treatment is effective as your hair follicles are disabled for a lifetime. You can get the best result for your entire body without having to get around the mess of traditional remedies. 

5 Is hair removal treatment painful?

You must have trimmed your skin. Right? You must have also got them waxed! The pain of laser treatment sits comfortably between the pain of trimming (which is painless) and waxing (which is very hurting). Yes! It’s like a slight pinch or a snap of a rubber band against your skin. 


You can expect experts to numb the area with ice or coolants, pre, and post-treatment. As the process grows, you stop noticing it. Our center— laser hair removal in Orlando— tries everything in its capacity to make the treatment feel painless. Our lasers with large-spot sizes also mellow down your pain. 

6 Is laser hair treatment a permanent solution?

Laser treatment is less about removing your hair but more about reducing its growth rate. You’ll see the best results in the first appointment itself, but you may have to take several sittings to have them permanently removed. A few initial settings, maybe 4 or 6, within a month and a half period shall reduce your hair growth by 80%. 


Some areas will never let the hair pop up, while a few lenient regions allow these stubborn hairs to appear. To challenge these hairs and enjoy the expected results— get the area maintained at least once a year. As time passes by, the growth of your hair will subsequently reach close to zero.

7 How long does one sitting take?

Again, refer to the mower example! It depends on where you’re getting treated. Is it your limbs? Or Lips? Chest or bikini? The size of the area will define how early you’re going back home.


Lips may hardly take 30 seconds to 5 minutes, whereas limbs may need at least an hour to 1.5 hours for the treatment. Please don’t forget to consider the idle time that you spend in the hospital. Setup and arrangements may take about 15 to 30 minutes.

8 How many sittings do your hair need?

Well, not all body organs are the same. Legs are not equal to lips. The number of treatments depends on the area you’re getting treated. In most cases (until your lips are larger than legs)— legs, armpits, and bikini take six sittings spaced between 4 weeks. 


Hormonal areas like your face or lower abdomen may need up to eight treatments. Their sittings might stretch upto 4-6 weeks too.

9 How do you prepare for hair removal?

It’s relatively straightforward in comparison to any other surgery. All you have to do is stop waxing a month before your treatment. Make sure that you shave your treatment area a day (24 hours) before the procedure. 


Avoid tweezing, epilating, or applying any chemical that can irritate your skin during the session. Go for sunscreen during the entire treatment span to keep skin-sensitive rays at bay.

10 Which type of laser is best for laser hair removal?

An expert has to consider many things prior to your treatment—skin color, skin type, hair pigment, thermal damage in the surrounding region, etc. In fact, you may have to get treated with multiple lasers. No one can really claim one above the other. By considering all the factors, your skin expert will suggest the type (s) of laser for your body. 

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It’s natural to feel skeptical about something you haven’t experienced. Apart from these questions, you would like to have a free consultation with our experts who’ll clear all your doubts in a single go. As experts say ‘invest in your skin wisely as it represents you for a very long time.’