10 Fascinating Fashion Hacks for Plus-Size Women

The 21st Century has one very important impact on our lives. The space for negativity is rapidly shrinking. Things like bullying or body-shaming aren’t just frowned upon, they are condemned. These fashion hacks have created a safer space for women who don’t conform to traditional beauty standards.

Of course, in our humble opinion, all women are beautiful and should have every right to express their bodies. That obviously includes plus-size women as well. However, looking fashionable is not as simple for plus-size ladies. Positive body image advocates like Lizzo and Ashley Graham seem to do it effortlessly wearing casual dresses for women. But for the rest of us, looking chic can be tricky if you don’t know how. Luckily, this blog can help.

10 Fashion Hacks for Plus-Size Women

Here are ten fascinating fashion hacks for plus-size women that you can try out and emphasize your curves better:

  1. Wear More Pencil-Skirts
  2. Wear Less Bodycon
  3. Layer with Structured Jackets
  4. Deeper Necklines
  5. Invest in Empire Dresses
  6. No Shame in Tummy Tuckers
  7. Black is the Best
  8. Plain Blouses Work Better
  9. Go for Wrap-Around Dresses
  10. Make a Statement

Let’s take a closer look at these tips below.

Wear More Pencil-Skirts

If you are a plus-size woman, you probably have curves that are the envy of everyone around you. So it makes sense to show them off more, especially around your hips and lower body. Pencil skirts do a great job of contouring to your hips and butt, emphasizing your curves in a way that is both sexy and elegant.

Wear Less Bodycon

Bodycon dresses may look great in fashion magazines, but they aren’t for everyone. If your bodycon dresses make your tummy stand out too much, maybe you should forego them for a while. Bodycon dresses hug the contours of your body extremely closely so you want to be careful when wearing them.

Layer with Structured Jackets

Structured jackets are a must-have piece of clothing that every plus-size woman needs. These jackets can help hide excessive flab on your arms that you might not yet be comfortable showing off. If you can, go for a structured jacket that falls above your waist. These will make your hips look fuller and give your curves a swanky outlook.

Deeper Necklines

Just because you have a few extra pounds doesn’t mean you need to cover everything up. In fact, for most curvy women, it is usually a good idea to reveal some of your best assets. That’s right, a deeper neckline can do a wonderful job of keeping attention away from your waist. A U-neck or a V-neck top can make you look stunning, sexy, and slimmer all at the same time.

Invest in Empire Dresses

Empire dresses make for an excellent choice when you have to attend formal dinners or business meetings. It is something that all curvy women should have hanging in their wardrobe. Empire dresses have a cinched waistline just above your actual waistline. This makes for an effect that emphasizes your curves with an hourglass-like effect while making your waist seem tinier.

No Shame in Tummy Tuckers

Let’s say you’ve tried all the outfits we discussed above, but you’re still having no luck. Maybe it’s a few extra pounds on the hips, or on the waist, or even on your butt. But it seems like no dresses fit right. Don’t give up home, tummy tuckers are here to save the day. A tummy tucker is a type of shapewear that snugly fits your body and makes you look roughly a size smaller than you are. The best part is you can wear shapewear under almost any outfit.

Black is the Best

Curvy women don’t need bright or pastel colors to get attention. Their curves do a much better job of that. Instead, what they need to do is wear darker shades. The darker the better and if you have black outfits, they will work the best. Darker hues look much more glamorous on a curvy body and also help you look much slimmer. You can also check out same color women shoes that can make your look classy.

Plain Blouses Work Better

Are you top-heavy? That’s not a bad thing, but a larger bust means you need to look into plain blouses instead of embellished or embroidered tops. A minimalist blouse works much better than either of the two. A minimalist blouse works much better than either of the two and you can even try xxxl kurta to add some grace.

Go for Wrap-Around Dresses

Wrap-around dresses are one of the easiest and best ways to get an hourglass figure every time you go out. These dresses wrap around your body, with a belt at the waist that you can tighten to emphasize the curves of your hips and upper body. A wrap-around dress can hide any flab you don’t want to show, give you a smaller waist, and of course, make you look stunning. Dresses with ¾ sleeves are the best!

Make a Statement

Your dress makes you stand out. But statement jewelry can help you make, well, a statement. This jewelry helps draw attention away from areas you’re still a bit shy of. Instead, things like a choker or a necklace can help keep the attention diverted to your neckline. And of course, it goes without saying that chokers drive men wild!

Being a plus-size woman doesn’t mean you need to follow a strict dressing code. The tips above are meant to help you pull off your look, but you should always experiment on your own as well. If you feel like a pair of printed pants look good on you, don’t let them go just because you’re not skinny. Try new things with your look, and always stay confident in your skin. More power to you!



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