10 Famous Apps Built With React Native

React Native framework develops native apps by using Javascript. Facebook has developed the best cross-platform app for the development of mobile apps. It is an open-source network set up by Facebook in 2015. Therefore, React Native gained a lot of popularity in a short period of 4 years. React native main aim is to bring the potential of React to native mobile application development. 

React Native elements are side-effect-free functions and are pure that makes sure what the app looks like. You can operate them on both Android and iOS operating systems to develop mobile apps. Developers are making new techniques on mobile. It has 1408 contributors and 203 releases on Github. With time,  React Native became more popular. Many mobile apps are being developed by using React Native. Therefore, it is difficult for the developers whether they should build apps that give the best customer experience or apps that develop quickly.

React native developers are the best solution if you want to develop amazing apps. They provide faster performance, vital experience, and by hire dedicated react native developers you can add new features in minimum time and so much more. Some of the popular apps which used React Native framework are Instagram and many more. In this article, 10 famous apps have shown below which uses React Native framework:-

  1. Facebook Ads Manager

Who doesn’t know Facebook in today’s generation? This social networking site is which connects all the family and friends to share the mixed media content. React Native framework is the cross-platform app set up by Facebook. However, Javascript uses this framework to make updates or changes in ad formats. Currencies, date formats, etc. Moreover, Facebook ads are the first React Native app that Facebook has set up. 

Therefore, if we talk about the designs it uses clean ally, inherent UX, and uncomplicated navigation. Which makes sure to provide an impressive experience to the users. Animations and adaptation are awesome in Facebook ads.

  1. Walmart

Firstly Walmart added Node.jS to make mobile apps. However, later on, they have taken the chance to shift their coding from NOde.jS to React Native apps. Though that is a big risk, it seems to be the best option. They require modern technology that allows them to make recurring changes in the Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, providing better services to users. 

 In addition, Walmart can share approximately 96% of the codes between the two platforms. React native provides exceptional performance and especially easy animations.

  1. Bloomberg

This app gives finance and business-related news to the users. Therefore, before the React Native developers spend their time creating or updating versions of Android and iOS discreetly. React native allows the developers to concentrate on one feature at a time. This React Native app gives streamlined, collective, and simple access to individualize content and videos.

Moreover, it also automatically refreshes the code which stimulates the release of new product features. This helps in giving the latest version of the app to the users instantly.

  1. AirBnB

Airbnb is one of the popular apps which provide users a vacation rental marketplace. This app lets people give their place on rent on a big platform. And help out the visitor to search or find a good place to stay. Developers want to develop an app that can let the rental marketplace reach out to millions of people. However, this app helps people by providing them native-like experience.

Reusability of code is possible using React and it is easy to recode too.

  1. Instagram

Instagram has taken a big step by shifting to new technology. As it has an easier UI, which makes it easier for them to acquire the new technology. However, they create the simplest view that is the push notification view which is technically taken out as Web-view. One of the important parts of React Native is that it has easy maintenance for Android and iOS.

Around 85% to 99% of codes are reusable among the Android or iOS apps. In the beginning, React natives have seen some problems, but now it is sorted out by the developers. However, developers can easily develop quicker than the native solution.

  1. Gyroscope

Gyroscopes serve as a health kit to the users as it is a health and fitness tracking app. With this app users can easily track their walking steps, heart rate, weight loss, and tasks like meditation, and more. You can track the data on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. Which helps to take some important steps in healthcare development. However, React native allows the developers to display all the data in two views Simple and Cards.

  1. UberEats

UberEats is an online food delivery app. This app offers easy payment methods and lets users track the status of their food orders. It provides users with a great UI and UX experience. However, React native is the easiest and smart way to develop apps for developers. Though it must have a push notification or sound notification option to provide users with better information. 


This app provides users to order online products like groceries, wine shops, dry-cleaning providers, etc. With the survey of the app around 1 million customers search on this. And around 10,000 or more users order from this app whether it is for home, office, or anywhere. However, they have their head office in New York and it becomes an important part of the local people’s life, business growth, etc.

  1. Skype

Skype offers an instant messaging service, connects users with video/audio calls, and can share their multimedia data. Microsoft has its platform Xamarin then also uses React native for Skype. This shows that React Native is a much better option for  cross platform mobile app development  company. However, it is difficult for the developer to transit from their network to React. React native solves all the issues of this app and now Microsoft is planning to use it for Windows too.

  1. Townske

This app provides you to connect travelers/visitors with locals. So, that they can connect with their favorite places and experience the places which the locals do. Townske is earlier using ReactJS for front-end development. And now uses React for mobile application development. However, you can use this app to develop UI for mobile apps. This app is speedy and code can be easily reusable.

If you have low connectivity to the internet or your phone battery is low, then Townske is the well-kept feature to have. For the users, it is not important to have their account on it. Allowing you to visit the next place easily.

Conclusion Thoughts:-
In the above article, you have seen that React Native apps are powerful and modern technology. This not only helps in increasing the business but also provides the user with a better experience. React Native is quick, simple, and is easy to learn for the developers. If you want to outstretch your services using mobile applications, then you should consider React native framework. If you have a lot of ideas for app development then React Native is the best suitable option. This framework has the potential to develop mobile apps with any idea, content.