10 Facts You Should Know About Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

No denial, eyebrows play an imperative role in enhancing your overall looks. Women love to have arch-shaped eyebrows as they augment other facial features, including eyes, jaws, mouth and nose. Sadly, like hair fall people also experience eyebrows hair fall that negatively affects their overall manifestation. 

Gladly, Eyebrows hair transplant Dubai has made it possible to get thick and desired eyebrows hair back. But before you opt for this treatment, it is quite essential to know every detail about this surgical procedure. Moreover, you should know whether you are an ideal candidate for this surgery or not.

It is perfectly alright if you don’t have enough knowledge about eyebrows surgery because we are here to cover everything for you. The discussion helps you in finding the questions you should ask the surgeon in the first meeting.

Things to Consider Before Eyebrows Enhancement Surgery

Here’s what you need to know before this surgical procedure starts.

  • Causes of Eyebrows Hair Fall

Before you go for surgery, don’t you think it’s necessary to know the causes of your eyebrows hair fall? Well, you should know all these things in the first place. Generally, over plucking, excess use of chemical products and physical accidents cause severe hair fall. You should discuss the probable causes of eyebrows hair loss with your surgeon. The surgeon can start surgery after evaluating your current condition properly.

  • Ideal Candidate For The Surgery

Without any doubt, a person with thin eyebrows is a suitable candidate for this surgery. If you have some suspicious health conditions or specific allergies, you should discuss all such concerns with your surgeon. A healthy person is always considered suitable for this transplantation procedure.

  • Results’ Longevity

Yes, eyebrows enhancing surgery is a permanent procedure and a patient can experience desired results for a longer time. Remember, it’s not magic, and you can’t experience immediate results. But, over time, your eyebrows start regenerating perfectly. Indeed, you can enjoy natural-looking results if you choose a professional and renowned surgeon for this purpose.

No doubt, Dubai is full of hair transplantation centres, but not all assure quality treatment. So, go for the treatment after proper research and prior knowledge. Captivatingly, the internet is the best source to find the potential and proficient hair transplant surgeon in Dubai.

  • A Complete Knowledge about Donor’s Hair

Generally, the surgeon takes the patient’s hair for this treatment. So, doctors usually take hair from the area behind the ear or region around the upper thighs for thin and shedding eyebrows hair. But still, we recommend you discuss everything about donor’s hair with your surgeon. It gives you complete information and enhances your knowledge.

  • Total Grafts Required

The total number of grafts varies from patient to patient as they depend on the patient’s condition. Generally, a patient requires 50 to 100 hair grafts, but it can vary based on the patient’s condition. A professional surgeon always describes the total number of grafts even before the procedure starts.

  • Overall Duration Of Surgery

Again, there’s an exact duration for the treatment as it’s different for each patient. Generally, it may take 5 to 6 hours to get this treatment done, but the ultimate time depends on the number of grafts needed.

For instance, the surgeon requires more time for severe eyebrows shedding than normal eyebrows hair fall.  But you have to keep in mind that the entire the process may take your 6 to 7 hours (including the initial discussion with your surgeon).

  • Recovery Time

One of the best things about eyebrows enhancement treatment is that this less invasive process doesn’t require significant recovery time. You can resume your routine life activities after some rest for 2 to 3 days. However, it is recommended not to continue physical activities (including gym or sports) right after the treatment.

  • Risks and Side-Effects

Gladly, there’s any noticeable risk and side-effect of this treatment. However, the selection of an unprofessional surgeon may cause some profound loss. It is quite rare that your hair starts growing in the wrong direction but don’t worry, it doesn’t happen frequently.

  • Result’s Timeline

Your surgeon isn’t a magician so don’t expect prompt results. You can start observing regrowth of eyebrows hair after 4 to 5 weeks. For considerable results, you may need to wait for 9 to 10 months.

  • Cost

The final cost of this treatment depends on certain factors, including surgeons’ expertise and required grafts. So, discuss it with your surgeon because he can guide you better.

Choose Professional Surgeon for Eyebrows Hair Transplant in Dubai

Based on the factors mentioned above, we strongly recommend you to choose a professional and proficient hair transplant surgeon. Otherwise, you can put your valuable time and money in danger.