10 Factors To Consider When Looking For A Land To Build Home 

You have probably decided to build the home of your dreams and are looking to buy appropriate land. However, things begin to go for a toss when you enter the market. 

In this case, first analyze the process and a few factors like location, size, etc. Understanding such factors will make the entire process easier for you and help you get the land per your needs. It will also cut down your time on irrelevant searches and construction and prove fruitful in the long run.  

This article lists ten factors you must consider while looking for land to build your dream home.  

1. Location 

It is the most vital thing to build your dream home. Everything, including land cost, construction cost, construction period, home security, convenience, and access to essential amenities like schools, shopping centers, and hospitals depends on the location of the land.  

Therefore, before going on a hunt for a piece of land, sit and discuss all these pressure points with your family members. Doing this will reduce your time spent on irrelevant searches as you exactly know your requirements.  

To make it easier, you can also take the help of experts like Costas Constructions, especially when building multiple structures. They are experts in residential development and build all types of homes, from dual occupancy to multi-density projects. Their complete project management and development services include drafting, town planning, engineering and construction.   

2. Size  

The land you choose should have enough area to build your home to accommodate space for outdoor living, gardening, parking, the main house and any other activities you want to include. Hence, it is vital to consider the size of the land while buying it. With the right size, you have the freedom to build your home per your needs.  

To get the correct land size, first, analyze all your requirements and calculate the area needed for them. Accordingly, finalize the approx. total area of land you want.  

3. Topography  

When building a home, land topography plays a significant role. For example, if the land is too steep, the home-building task becomes challenging and may increase the construction cost. Therefore, the land should be level or have a gentle slope. Level land can be easily managed during construction, and it takes less time to build a home.  

4. Soil Type  

To build a home on land, you need specific soil quality. The soil must be stable enough to support the weight of your home. If the soil is loose, it can’t hold your house base together, resulting in numerous damages to your home prior to construction completion.  

Therefore, you must get the soil checked prior to finalizing your decision to buy land. You can get it approved by the laboratories certified by the government or local authorities.  

5. Laws & Regulations  

Every place has different laws, which is why you should diligently study the local regulations prior to buying land.  

More so, ensure the land is zoned for residential or commercial use, whether local authorities permit you to build the type of home you want, and what other formalities you must complete to buy land and construct a house.   

6. Basic Amenities  

You can’t imagine building your home without basic amenities such as water, sewer and electricity. They are the most basic needs in any home. Hence, always confirm whether the land you are buying has access to these amenities or if they are already installed. In case they are not installed, you must find out the process and cost of installing them.  

7. View  

A view is something you can’t add during constructing or renovating your home.  It is either there or not and is an intrinsic part of your home that will never be out of trend.   

The view is one thing you can count on as it will continue to hold its value over the years and increase the demand for your home in the market. With a pleasant view from your home, like a beach view, ocean view, lake view etc., you get a good resale value.  

8. Neighborhood  

Residing in an area where infrastructure is well built, necessities like hospitals and schools are available, and law and order are in place has its own advantages. You live stress-free, have a better quality of living, and have good accessibility to your needs. Furthermore, having a home in the ideal neighborhood helps build better relationships and makes you feel strongly belonging to the community. A good neighborhood also increases your resale value and chances of getting better rent, as buyers and tenants prefer homes with all amenities and a friendly environment.  

9. Risk of Natural Disaster 

What if you built an abode within a natural disaster-prone region? God forbid if something occurs in the near future, you’d break down, having invested the savings of a lifetime. So, start researching online first and then contact the concerned authority to get a better picture of all possible disasters in the area. 

Knowing about natural hazards can help you make better decisions and save you from significant losses. For example, if the land falls in an earthquake-prone zone, search for land in another area or build an earthquake-resistant structure.  

10. Cost  

Before buying the land, you must fix your budget so that the cost of land and construction doesn’t exceed your budget.  

To develop your budget, calculate the cost of land, cost of construction, cost of installing amenities and other costs. Once the budget is fixed, stick to it. If you find any problem in fixing your budget, take the help of an expert.  


To build your dream home, it is vital you choose land with a good location, topography, neighborhood and appropriate size within the specified budget. Besides this, consider other factors like natural hazards, view, basic amenities, soil type, etc.  

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