10 Expert Tips For Trendy DIY Nail Art

Everyone loves nail art, and women end up spending hundreds of dollars or more at nail salons every year. However, it’s easier to do your own nail designs in the comfort of your own home.

This article is chock-full of expert tips for DIY nail designs. All you need is a bit of skill and the right tools. Not an artist? No worries, have a Girl’s Night and invite your artistic friends for a nail art party.

Expert Tips for DIY Nails

  1. Clean your nails before you begin

The key to an at-home manicure is clean nails! Take the time to properly clean your nails before you begin. Use a quality nail polish remover to remove any existing polish from your nails. Soak your nails in essential oil and lukewarm water and dry them. Apply lotion and cuticle oil, and massage your hands and nails.

  1. Don’t forget to buff your nails

Buffing your nails is the best way to remove any excess polish or oils. Prior to painting your nails, use a buffer to keep your nails looking healthy. As a bonus, buffing your nails helps eliminate ridges in your natural nails.

  1. Use a teabag to help repair broken nails

Broken or chipped nails? Use a teabag to help repair damaged nails. Simply cut a tea bag into a strip that will cover the damaged area. Next, leaving the teabag in place, apply a coat of clear nail polish. Using tweezers or your fingers, press down to ensure that there are no air bubbles between your nail and the teabag. Add a second coat of clear nail polish and allow it to dry completely. Buff the damaged nail until it’s smooth, and then begin your nail art!

  1. Don’t forget the base coat!

Most people know that a good base coat is the key to an amazing manicure. The base coat is used to hydrate the nails as well as protect them nails from chipping, fading, or breaking. Use a high-quality base coat on newly cleaned and completely dry nails. Allow it to dry for at least five minutes before moving to the next step in your nail design.

  1. White polish works as an excellent primer

Looking to make a bright color even bolder? Apply a coat of white nail polish as a primer to make bright colors stand out. This works best with neon colors and metallic shades, as opposed to pastels and matte nail polish. 

  1. Nail tape is the key to a great nail line, especially for French nail tips!

Nail tape is essential for the perfect French manicure or French tip nails. Apply a nail tip to obtain the perfect straight line or negative space in your nail design. As well it is the best way to separate more than one polish color.

  1. Use bobby pins for salon-perfect polka dots

Polka dot nail art is timeless. From classic black and white dots to bright neon polka dots for summer nails. Use a bobby pin to achieve the perfect polka dot on your next manicure!

  1. Floss sticks are a great tool for nail art

Look no further than your bathroom cabinet for art tools for nails. Floss sticks are most likely a staple in your bathroom. Simply pour out the desired polish colors and dip the floss strip in each color. Apply to your nails for an effortless yet professional-looking nail design!

  1. Create ombre nail art using a sponge

First, apply a light color as a base. Next, using a flat surface, swirl two other shades tougher using a toothpick. Using a sponge, blot the new color to your nails or tips if you are going for French tip nails. 

  1. Use small brushes to create your own nail designs and art.

One of the best things about modern nail art is that many tools are available to create your own look. This includes a variety of brush sizes. Use a small tipped brush to create unique and fun nail designs!

Use these tips to create fun, creative, and trendy nail designs for holidays, vacations, date nights, and Girl’s Night Out!