10 Expert Tips For Pricing Your Home To Sell Fast

When it comes to selling your home, pricing can make or break your success. It’s important to be realistic and ensure that potential buyers are attracted by the price you set. Here are 10 tips from experts on how to accurately price your home for a fast sale.

1. Research the Local Market

Understanding the local market is essential if you’re looking to sell your house quickly and at the best possible price. To do this, you will need to conduct in-depth research on factors such as recent sales, current listings, and the average time properties spend on the market in your area. Analysing all this information will help you get a clear picture of the current real estate market conditions, which will allow you to price your home competitively. By doing so, you’ll be in a better position to attract potential buyers who are looking for a great deal, while simultaneously preventing your home from sitting on the market for too long, which could lead to unnecessary price drops in the future.

2. Understand the Demand

If you are looking to sell your home in a city like Oklahoma, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the current market demand in your area. This means doing your research and consulting with local real estate agents or conducting your own comparative market analysis to gauge the competition, recent sales, and current trends. This information will not only help you avoid pricing your home too high, which could deter potential buyers, but also ensure you do not undersell your property by undervaluing it. 

3. Consider Incentives

When buyers are presented with an attractive offer, they’re more likely to act quickly. Consider offering incentives such as a home warranty or closing cost support to add value to your listing, making it more attractive to buyers in the market for a good deal.

4. Don’t Get too Greedy

Setting your price too high may result in buyers being turned off or running away from the negotiation table. The key is striking the right balance between a competitive asking price and not getting too greedy. Experts in the real estate industry agree that homeowners need to be realistic with their expectations and should thoroughly research the current market trends to determine a fair and accurate price for their property.

5. Set the Right Expectation from the Start

Make sure potential buyers have a realistic idea of what to expect from your home. Highlight any positive features of your property, such as a remodelled kitchen or a great location, but also be up-front about any imperfections. Doing so will help keep expectations in check and prevent buyers from feeling deceived after viewing the property.

6. Get an Appraisal

Have a professional provide an estimate of the market value of your property to better inform your pricing strategy. By enlisting the services of an experienced appraiser, you can benefit from their breadth of knowledge and expertise in market trends, property values, and comparable sales, promoting a realistic and competitive price for your home. This approach not only instals confidence in potential buyers, but it also significantly reduces the risk of future haggling or renegotiation attempts.

7. Use the Current Market Conditions

If the area is experiencing any crises, be sure to factor that into your price. For instance, if the area is in a pandemic or economic crisis and there are fewer buyers or demand for properties, then it might be wise to consider reducing your price accordingly. By pricing based on market conditions, you can attract more buyers who are looking for a great deal during these tumultuous times.

8. Utilise Online Tools

Online tools can be invaluable when it comes to pricing your home accurately. By using services such as Zillow’s Zestimate and other online home value calculators, you can get an accurate estimate of your home’s current market value. This information is especially helpful when you want to price competitively so that your listing stands out from the crowd.

9. Ask for Feedback

In order to find the optimal price, it is essential to ask for feedback from trusted sources – be it real estate agents, friends, or family members. Experts advise that it’s best to reach out to multiple sources for diverse perspectives and a more rounded insight. Not only will this provide you with valuable information on your home’s market value, but their opinions can also give you an idea of potential improvements you could make to increase appeal. 

10. Be Flexible

Even if you already have a price in mind, it is important to remain flexible in your negotiations. With the right strategy, you may be able to net a higher price than expected if buyers feel they are getting good value for their money. However, don’t let this force you into an inflated asking price or cause you to miss out on a potential sale.


Pricing your home carefully and accurately is essential in order to get the most out of it. By taking into account all of the above factors, you can ensure that your property will be competitively priced and attract potential buyers. Ultimately, this will streamline the process and get you closer to achieving your goal – a successful sale. 

Good luck!