10 Essential Leadership Tips to Become a Better Manager

To be a good manager, you need to be a good leader. With 65% of employees reporting that they would prefer a different boss, there’s room for improvement. As a manager, you can be the one to turn the tide and empower those around you.

How do you do this? Keep reading to learn 10 essential leadership tips to help you be a clear and compassionate leader!

1) Communicate Clearly

Communication stretches across speaking and writing. Don’t try to bury ideas in fluff — use direct language so everyone knows what is expected of them. Be direct and compassionate!

2) Include Everyone

Your employees want to feel included. Aim to know their names and interact with them at office functions. Be personable and make time for people on an individual basis.

3) Make Transparent Decisions

When it comes to decisions, don’t straddle the fence. You won’t be able to please everyone — that’s a given. But even if members of your team don’t agree with your decisions at times, they will respect you for being transparent.

4) Stay Humble

No one likes an egomaniac. It’s perfectly fine to celebrate accomplishments, but don’t just celebrate your own. Lift up the people around you, too!

And be a good listener. The easiest way to show that you put others first is to let them do the talking.

5) Model Good Behavior

You want your employees to look up to you, right? That starts with how you conduct yourself in and out of the office. If you are the first one in and the last one out, you’ll earn everyone’s respect. 

6) Maintain a Positive Attitude

It’s easy to get down on yourself — and others — when things go wrong. Sidestep this trap and try to stay positive. If you can spin a problem into an opportunity, you’ll inspire your employees to do the same.

7) Grow From Past Mistakes

Don’t get bogged down by self-pity. When you miss the mark on something, step back, and assess the situation.

Then step forward. A hallmark of good leadership is when you can grow from mistakes. You and your employees will be better for it.

8) Be Efficient With Time

This goes for your time and your employees’ time. Keep meetings short and sweet. You’ll be more efficient and avoid too much future groaning about meetings.

9) Have a Vision

One of the best ways to gain buy-in from employees is by having a statement or vision for your organization. You’ll give people something to work toward and help create a greater sense of purpose during challenging times.

10) Learn More Leadership Tips From Colleagues

If you’re a manager, you probably know other managers. Take advantage of your position and connections to learn how to lead from others in your position. And if you need help from a seasoned leadership expert, Christian Espinosa can guide you and your organization to the right path.

The Bottom Line

While leadership tips matter, it’s what you do with them that matters more. Set goals for yourself and look for ways to improve.

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