10 Effective Tips To Stop Obsessing Over Someone

It’s really hard to understand that they don’t need us anymore and it is harder to overcome the obsession we have developed with time. Modern relationships are indeed scary, they can lead anywhere without any warning, you never know when you will be left alone. The only thing that stays in the obsession. The unfulfilled attachment we develop with time can be really negative for our mental health.

If you are still constantly thinking about them, feel out of control or unhappy, have started to lose your own personal identity, and your life revolves only around them, then my dear friend you might be having an obsession with them. And, this needs to be stopped on an urgent basis. In this blog, I have enlisted 10 effective tips to overcome obsession or stop obsessing over someone on the basis of personal experience. So, let’s get started.

10 Tips for Stop Obsessing Over Someone

1.     Make some distance with them

It is quite clear that if you really wish to overcome the obsession with them, you will have to make some room for yourself in your mind and maintain a distance from them. By maintaining distance with them you will be able to think about your future, career, and goals. Not only this but distancing yourself from them will provide you an opportunity to learn about yourself deeply. You will be able to take care of your emotions and thoughts.

2.     Stop being controlled by your thoughts

The other thing you should start doing right away is to stop being controlled by your thoughts. Clearly, when we are obsessed with someone and they do not even know about it or care about it, the thoughts directly change into negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are really bad for our mental health, therefore, we really need to control our thoughts and change them into positivity. In order to change your thoughts, you can try positive affirmations or mantras.

3.     Distraction is the major key

After stopping or controlling your negative thoughts, it’s time to distract yourself for the good. Distraction can come from anything, be it your career, goals, job, or anything. If you are in the same office, consider changing your timings so that you can distract yourself with them. If you have the same friends group, try to maintain some distance from them so that you can get back on the right track again with positivity.

4.     Try to live mindfully

To live mindfully or to practice mindfulness is yet another beautiful thing one can do to experience the joy and happiness of present life. To live mindfully means to live in the present moment without any worries, doubts, past, or negative thoughts. In order to practice mindfulness, you can download apps like Calm or Headspace. Additionally, you can also learn mindfulness from YouTube videos.

5.     Develop new habits

By developing new habits, you will be able to distract yourself from them, negative thoughts, and much more. When I say develop new habits, you can also try focusing on new hobbies or enhancing the old ones. Like, you can join the dance classes again, join a cooking class, or do whatever makes you happy. By developing new habits or hobbies, you will be able to get back on the right track instantly without any hassle.

6.     Do not let others opinions define you

People might come and share your thoughts and sorrow and they might also say some things that clearly do not define you, your personality, or your situation. Therefore, let them do whatever they wish to do but do not let their opinions change your personality. You try to stay on the right path and let people say whatever they want to. They might show you sympathy, don’t just get carried away.

7.     Take the help of your support system

If you are really having a hard time and struggling with your thoughts and obsession, try taking help from your support systems like your family members, friends, or people who support you. You can consider sharing your thoughts with them and letting them understand how you feel. In this way, you will be able to clear your mind from thoughts.

8.     Trace the source and do not reflect on it

The best way to stop obsession is to track the source. By tracking the source, you will be able to get over the obsession. Make sure, you don’t reflect on it again and again and consider learning from your mistakes. To track the source, you can try journaling or writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper.

9.     Stop overthinking

In order to get rid of the obsession over them, you will really need to get control over your thoughts and stop overthinking everything. Overthinking often leads to over-reacting in every situation. Therefore, try to stop overthinking every situation and try to live in a mindful situation so that you can overcome this obsession.

10. Get professional help

If in case, you are not able to get control over your thoughts, distraction, or anything negative, then you can also consider getting professional help. Remember, seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness, instead, it shows your strength towards overcoming your obsession. Therefore, consider having a conversation with a registered and experienced mental health provider.

I hope this blog helps you with overcoming an obsession or stopping obsessing over someone.

Thanks for reading!