10 Different Types of Fraud – Solved Best Lawyers

Fraud is a serious term that includes several types of criminal activities. Deceiving and cheating for personal benefits are the main concepts of this offence. For several years expert lawyers have successfully handled massive criminal cases.

Muhammad Ali Lakhani is one such expert lawyer is who is best in dealing the criminal cases. With plenty of success in his field, he is a well-known lawyer around the globe. Also, he owns his legal firm known as Ali Lakhani & Associates. It is a universally popular firm that solves law disputes, especially criminal cases. Now let us see about the ten different frauds solved by the best lawyers. 

The bribery 

Bribery is a criminal activity under federal law. Bribery includes persuading an official by receiving, giving and soliciting something of value to make them act favourably. Ali Lakhani is a specialised lawyer in the field of bribery. He also handles money laundering, corruption and binami cases.

The illegal gratuity 

Illegal gratuity is rewards offered by a person to an official or authority to act in their favours. This crime is offensive because of illegally influencing an official. Also, it discharges the duties and legal responsibilities of an official. Top lawyers such as Ali Lakhani deal with these cases with accuracy. With extensive knowledge and experience, it is easy for him to handle these cases with specialisation. 

Credit card fraud 

An individual is chargeable under the law if he or she misuses the credit card of another person. Using an expired credit card is also offensive under the law. There are lots of crimes that fall under this category such as credit card stealing and skimming. Muhammad Ali Lakhani is a most respected lawyer who is an expert in dealing with credit card fraud cases. He and his associates have dealt with many credits fraud cases successfully. 

The Check fraud 

Giving check with insufficient funds, forging, counterfeiting and altering check is a fraudulent activity. Ali Lakhani is a professional lawyer who deals with document-related frauds and crimes. He has victoriously handled and offered justice in many of these cases. 

The Identity theft 

Misusing other person identities in any documents or financial statement comes under identity theft. Some of these high profile legal cases are excellently handled by the top Ali Lakhani. 

The Mail and wire fraud

Using a telephone or mail for fraudulent activity is an offensive crime under the law. Many of these fraudulent cases in the bid announcement and reimbursements are some of the cases solved by him. 

The Embezzlement 

Embezzlement is a type of crime that involves theft by a person who is in the position of trust for a property. Lawyers such an Ali Lakhani help individuals to get justice from these fraud cases. This crime may involve misusing a document or property related document. 


Producing false documents or misrepresenting any document comes under forgery. Altering documents illegally is an offensive against the laws. Only expert lawyers can differentiate whether a document is original or forged. 


The other two frauds that affect many today are money laundering and security fraud. The expert lawyers are great at dealing with these issues. However, it is important to be aware of frauds. Therefore, you can prevent them by knowing the types of frauds from above.