10 different task related to Car Repairs

Car repairs doesn’t essentially mean that you always need to visit a mechanic and  a mechanic must visit you  to get the job accomplished in a bid to offer you a wholesome car repair repair service. So instead of splurging money on the mechanic,  you can at times try your hands to fix some of the faults in your car to save money from being paid to the mechanic.  


Types of Car Repairs that you can do all by yourself to save some extra bucks:

  1. Air filter replacement- Get the clogged air filters of your car replaced of your own  as this lowers down the performance level of your car. It is one of the easiest Car service job to be  done.
  2. Oil change- It is just an another car service job that is pretty easy and can be done by following certain precautions. Avoid changing the oil just after driving and wait a couple of hours before doing so as it can be excessive hot and you can get some serious burns. The tools you will require for this are ratchet, oil filter, wrench, funnel, new oil and oil container.
  3. Spark plug replacement- This simple car service task can get you some smooth driving experience along with lesser fuel consumption. Spark plugs are one of the cheapest components but check the plug wires while replacing spark plugs.
  4. Windshield wipers replacement- Replacing the worn out rubber strips from the old wipers is a pretty easy job to get done and this will help you see through the windscreen of the car  with a precise clarity during rain. You just require screwdrivers and new wipers for this job.
  5. Headlight bulbs replacement- Replace the headlight bulbs if they are burnt out. If your car is without sealed beam headlights, then you can easily get your headlights replaced. Just be sure to get the right bulb for your car.
  6. Changing dangling exhaust pipes- If you hear some extra noises from the rear side of your car, then it may be the reason of your dangling exhaust pipes. Rubber loops used in most cars for holding the exhaust pipes may get damaged overtime. Get under your car and look for broker hangers in the exhaust pipe and get them changed.
  7. Brake pads change- Another important task which is critical to your comprehensive car service regimen is the measure to change the brake pads in regular interval to eliminate the chances of fatal accidents in future.. This is  the essential parts of a car’s braking system  so they need to be maintained properly with caution. The tools required for this are c-clamp, lug wrench, Allen wrenches, hammer and jack.
  8. Fuel filter replacement- This is  another cheap but important component of a car and it  can save your several hundreds of dollars required to mend the  engine damage if regularly maintained. To keep fuel injection and carburetor clean and in proper working condition, it needs to be regularly checked. It is important to release the fuel system pressure before replacing the fuel filter to avoid damage or injury.
  9. Car radiator flush- The cooling systems and radiators of automobiles are to be maintained regularly for proper cooling of the engine. There can be certain deposits that can clog the radiator and damages the cooling system. Regular radiator flushes can help the cooling system of the car to maintain temperature and an optimal condition of it for a longer period of time. Precaution to be taken is that, before removing the radiator cap to flush the radiator, you need to check whether the engine is cool enough or not as it may hurt causing burns.
  10. ABS sensors cleaning- Getting the ABS sensors clean while replacing the car’s brake pads can save your  time as you will not require cleaning the sensors at a later period. ABS light can show up on a cars’ dashboard if the sensors are dirty.

These are some of the car repairs that can be done by you and these are easier and can help you save  a lot of money.


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