10 Demanding Teaching Tools in 2021

The year 2020 was a total game-changer in the education field for both students and teachers. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are moving their education online to continue the learning process. Just because everyone is quarantine, learning doesn’t have to be stopped. As teachers incorporating technology into education, they are witnessing a massive change in their teaching strategies. A lot of educational institutions are starting to support online assignment help opportunities.

Online learning sources not  only helps with teaching but also gives a classroom type environment. Let’s share with you a list of 10 amazing teaching tools that anyone can use:

  1. Educreations

Educreations allow teachers or educators to record voice or videos lessons for students or colleagues to access anytime they may require. This interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool is highly popular among educators. You can share it through any platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The receivers also have the option of downloading them and storing them in Google Drive or Dropbox. The videos are stored in the cloud safely, and thus they are accessible everywhere, and you can also control who can see what. The entire lesson will automatically sync, making it easier for teachers to monitor the students’ tasks easily.

  1. ABC Mouse

The ABC mouse tool is specially designed for kids between the ages of 2-8. It has over 850 lessons and has more than 10,000 individual learning activities. It includes a wide range of early reading, Arts, Crafts, Science, Math with exciting games. Since the tool offers printable activities, they can answer the activities offline.

  1. Google Classroom

Google classroom is a highly demanding tool among educators as it improves their teaching method. It makes it easier for teachers to do my assignment, communicate and collaborate with students. This tool comes in free of cost. It simplifies teaching, and teachers can easily communicate and send updates on the students’ progress to the parents. 

It also enables students to scan their work with originality reports to find potential plagiarism. Further, it also helps teachers mark the assignments instead of carrying a stack of assignment papers. Assigning tasks like math assignments, help the teacher keep track of the growth of the students.

  1. Edmodo

Edmodo is an easy-to-use educational tool that usually students and teachers prefer for online studies. This tool helps with creating online collaborative groups, monitor and upload educational materials. Each student will be able to measure your daily conference. More than 34 million users connect on the app on a daily basis. 

It helps the teachers to create a more polished and personalised lesson. The tools will enable you to share class materials, send messages and make learning accessible everywhere. Students will regular class updates, and they will be able to sync with teachers. Teachers will be able to check classroom activity and grades to help students stay on track. The teacher can easily measure student’s daily performance, and they can easily communicate with the parents.

  1. Mindomo

Mindomo is one of the best mind-mapping online tools. It will record all the strategies, plans, ideas created by the students and teachers. It has a proper working layout that includes links, videos, media, etc. you will manage your work in offline mode. Its cutting-edge functions and features make it one of the best for real-time structuring and brainstorming ideas, plans and strategies.

  1. Socrative

Socrative is an advanced and efficient online tool. A team of engineers and entrepreneurs designs the tool. With Socrates, teachers will be able to create exercises, quizzes, and other educational games. Students have the option of solving them with smartphones, personal computers, laptops, or tablets. Teachers can easily see the results of the set activities, and they will be able to check the performance and mark them accordingly. They can also modify the lessons to make them more personalised.

  1. Basecamp

If you are looking for a user-friendly assignment, Bootcamp is the best choice for educators. The tool has a powerful search option capable of searching all your assignments, projects, activities or tasks that you may require. Another good feature of the tool is centralisation. The tool’s speciality is it lets you stay on top of the task with zero efforts because it automatically connects everyone involved in the discussion.

This is possible because of the way everything is organized so excellently within the app. Basecamp helps you stay on top of the task with no efforts because it connects everyone who is involved in the discussion automatically.  This means that you do not have to personally call everyone up and discuss things to get the task done. Instead, you can easily communicate with all your classmates (and for teachers, your colleagues) with the help of this tool.

  1. Scribblar

Scribblar is an innovative online you can directly integrate an online virtual whiteboard to your website. You will not have to use a whiteboard on Scribblar’s own site. Scribblar classrooms are persistent in nature. Students enjoy the benefits of going back to the sessions they have missed or forgotten. The tool makes it easier for keeping track of the work of the weekly basis sessions.

  1. Animoto

If you want to create engaging and interactive learning materials, Animoto should be your go-to tool. You will create interactive videos and blend them with texts, images, clip-arts and music in the background. The best part is that you will not require a tech-savvy teacher to use the tool since it is very simple to use and super easy to follow. A lot of teachers prefer using Animoto for improving the learning experience of students.

  1. Educlipper

Educlipper is quite popular among educators as well as students. It has proven to be most useful during the period of the pandemic. It makes it easier to explore and share various reference materials along with vital educational materials. You will also collect data information or data from the internet and then share it with the virtual class. This tool improves research techniques and also gives a chance to the educators to organising fun virtual classes. The educators will also have a digital record of each student who attended the class.

Wrapping up,

We hope the above list of online tools helps all the teachers out there during online teaching. I know adapting to this new technique takes time. But online teaching has its own perks also. You will not have to spend hours travelling and energy. You can do it in the comfort of your home. All the tools mentioned in the blog post have only one purpose: to make the teaching and the learning process easier.