10 Creative Baby Gifts That Will Make You Go Wow

The arrival of a baby calls for a celebration. No doubt, this is a magical experience. Baby gifts are a wonderful way to show your love and excitement to the family welcoming a new bundle of joy. So, here is a list of 10 creative gifts from Lovingly Signed that will make you go ‘WOW’!

Lovingly Signed

Let all babies feel a little extra special with inspiring baby gifts from Lovingly Signed. Handpicked with fondness, this incredible store curates unique and awe-inspiring gifts. So, buckle up and gift these premium gift items from Lovingly Signed and let your gift stand as a main attraction on any occasion of the baby.  

Personalized Polka Dot Blanket

Polka dots are always trending! Style your baby’s bedroom in a wonderful way with this Personalized Polka Dot Blanket. The blanket is made of extremely soft knit so it keeps your baby warm and cozy to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. Choose a pretty thread color and personalize your baby’s name on the blanket to make it more meaningful for the entire family.

My Baby Journal Book

The formative years of a baby are filled with wonderful surprises. What’s better than penning down all those lively moments that you can cherish in the coming years? My Baby Journal Books is divided into four sections so that you can record all the achievements a baby makes after their arrival into this world. This journal is a kept as perfect keepsake for the entire household.

Cuddly Bedtime Stories Bundle

Tired of reading the same old story to your tiny one? Well, this Cuddly Bedtime Stories Bundle is handpicked perfectly for bedtime. The fun rhymes and pretty illustrations make your baby sleepy. These books will engage your baby throughout and help to stimulate the senses. Plus, this is the one thing that kids enjoy a lot besides playtime. 

Personalized Jeanne the Goose Doudou

Comfort at its best! Jeanne the Goose is dressed in a gorgeous blue and white polka dot dress and is cuddly as always. Gift this to any little one and wait till they both become best friends forever. This soft and squishy comforter can be a hug partner, a cuddle companion, a playtime partner, and what not! Present this lovely comforter to any newborn or young child.

Personalized Luxury Hooded Towel with Ears

Get your little one snug in this Luxurious Hooded Towel after a bath. It is fluffy and soft yet highly absorbing at the same time. The adorable ears on the hood make it more beautiful in appearance. Your little one will definitely look cute wrapped and cuddled in this thick towel. Personalize it with their name for an extra sprinkle of charm. 

So’Pure Sophie La Girafe Rubber & Wood Silhouette Rings

The two teething rings engraved with the Sophie la Giraffe image are perfect for any teething baby. The rings have different hardness to help ease the teething gums. The rings are detailed with small ears and horns that make it pretty much easy to chew. Also, the teether is made of safe materials. The lightweight teether is easily grasped by small hands and can be deformed. 

Luxury Bunny Bath Mitt

This Luxurious Bunny Bath Mitt accompanies your little one at bath time. The silky soft touch and premium feel of the bath mitt make bath time a lot more fun for your baby. Since it is bunny-themed, it can serve as a hand puppet to entertain the baby. What’s best than two cute pals enjoying bath time?

Jellycat Animals

Of course, the Jellycat animals have got everyone’s hearts. What’s not to love about them? They are soft, adorable, a best friend to our kids, cuddly in nature, and a lot more! The Jellycat Bashful Bunny is the star of every show. Get different Jellycat Animals like a dino, elephant, kitten, fox, and koala for your baby and expand the plush toy collections. 

ABCs of Love Book

This cute book makes ABCs learning easy with a rhythmic text. Show love to your little one from A to Z with this magical book filled with colours. This hardcover book is jam-packed with a series of land and sea creatures and a poetical text that show different ways to spread love with one another. Boost your baby’s emotional development with this wonderful book.

Siblings Playtime Activity Gift Set

Let all the siblings align for playtime! This perfect set allows kids to make their own Teddy Bear Keyring, Ice Cream Bracelet, Angel Peg Doll, and Spider’s Web. A System Craft Kit and Animals Craft Kit perfectly upgrade playtime with siblings. Get this amazing set for any occasion now!

Make your little one’s day with these personalized and one-of-a-kind baby gifts from Lovingly Signed

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