10 cool knowledge about art, how many do you know?

Many people has been thinking that art is unattainable, as if only with profound professional knowledge can we talk about art or interpret works of art. However, in fact, Many 10 cool knowledge about art are not as complicated and full of mysteries as imagined. how many do you know?

1.The Mona Lisa has its own mailbox

mona lisa

The “Mona Lisa” has been on display at the Louvre for many years, and has always fascinated many tourists by its “clear and mysterious” gaze. Tourists present her with various gifts, including flowers, poems and love letters. Therefore, the Louvre set up a special mailbox for her to hold the admiration letters of “fans”.

2.Why do the eyes of most statues have no pupils?

In fact, as this picture of a Greek sculpture shows, it has no pupils. The pupils are blank because the sculptor always wanted to imitate the exact structure of the eye – the surface of a real eyeball is free of any depressions or depressions. empty. So the sculptors felt that it was incorrect to dig a hole in the eyeball of the statue

greek sculpture

3.Artists who “inhale” their work

do you know? Artist Willard Wigan once inhaled his own work!
He didn’t inhale a painting, of course, Wigan’s work was a “miniature sculpture” smaller than a newspaper full stop and had to be viewed through a microscope. When Wigan creates art, he must slow down his heartbeat and work very carefully, otherwise his masterpieces will easily “disappear” in his own breath.

Once, he accidentally inhaled Alice from Alice in Wonderland, which he sculpted. Fortunately, the artist later re-engraved a piece of Alice that was more perfect than the previous version.

Willard Wigan artwork

4. The Sistine Chapel painted in anger

The Sistine Chapel is a classic tourist attraction in Italy and a masterpiece that showcases Michelangelo’s great painting skills. Its grandeur and exquisite depiction lead us to think that Michelangelo had a sacred faith in Christianity and must have been very enthusiastic about the work.

However, who knew that the artist agreed to create the murals of this church because of “pissed off”! With this “one-sidedness” thought, Michelangelo created one of Rome’s most majestic spectacles.

Sistine Chapel

5. Art was an ‘Olympic’ sport

Art competitions were part of the Olympic Games from 1912 to 1948.

In total, the projects are divided into five categories: Architecture, Literature, Music, Painting and Sculpture. To participate in the Olympic Games must be amateur athletes. So after 1956, the art competition was replaced by the Olympic Cultural Project.

Swimming on the Liffey

6.The Secret in the Creation of Adam

In the painting “Creating Adam”, scholars believe that despite Michelangelo’s belief in Catholicism, his work “Creating Adam” contains doubts about the existence of God. Among them, the flying God is designed as a brain-like pattern, implying that God itself is imagined by people and does not actually exist.

In addition, some people believe that Michelangelo’s depiction of God was his own old age. Of course these are just guesses.

Creation of Adam

7. Gothic architecture has nothing to do with Goths

There is a type of building named after someone who never built any building, yet this type is one of the greatest buildings in the world. This kind of architecture is Gothic architecture, which is completely irrelevant to the Goths.

At the time, the most rude and uncivilized people they could think of were the Roman conquerors, the Goths who only built shacks, so they called such spiky buildings “Gothic”

Gothic architecture
Gothic architecture

8. Romantic “Eyes” Jewelry

In fact, the custom started when the Prince of Wales fell in love with a Catholic widow. The prince proposed to his sweetheart as a gift a small lock with a portrait of her eyes. Since then, the custom of wearing jewelry with painted “lover’s eyes” has become popular and symbolizes pure love between couples.

9.The ugliest little angel

Now, we usually call a baby with wings a little angel. The Assyrian cherubs of antiquity, however, are a far cry from this sweet image.

In the Assyrian Empire from 935 BC to 612 BC, the little angel in people’s hearts was an animal image in a myth. It was either a lion or a bull, and had the head of a man and the wings of an angel.

ugliest little angel

10. The Holy Light that becomes “horns”

The Bible says that Moses’ face “glowed” as he walked down Mount Sinai. In an early Italian version of the Bible, the “light” on Moses’ head was mistranslated as “horn.” For this reason, people in Michelangelo’s time believed that Moses had horns and symbolized power, majesty, and power.

Although it is very outrageous, when we carefully compare the sculpture and this painting with light, we will find that this “horn” sculpture is really similar to the depiction of light.