10 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them!

iPhones are rapidly expanding throughout the world – many individuals are using the latest model of the iPhone due to the exciting features it provides. However, like any electronic device, it can develop an array of different software and hardware issues, which can become extremely frustrating to the user. 


Many people with iPhones (or any other smartphone) use their device for a multitude of things, from calls and messages, to social media and work tasks. It has become an important gadget in the everyday lives of billions of people, so an iPhone that ceases to function properly can become incredibly inconvenient to a user’s personal and professional life. 


There are many potential issues that could occur when you own an iPhone, and many of them may require repair services. For example, at the moment, there are a lot of iPhone users that are facing a variety of problems after updating to the new iOS (operating system). However, thanks to the fantastic knowledge and services of our skilled professionals at iPhone Repair on the Gold Coast, we can work with any model of the iPhone and provide you with the highest, most stringent quality repairs, in a timely manner and without the expensive price tag. 


Here are a few common iPhone problems and some simple solutions to try at home:  


Let’s Dive In!


  1. iPhone Water Damage:

For almost any type of electronic equipment, water is a nightmare and iPhones are no different. If it is accidentally dropped or exposed to water, there is a high risk of losing data, unless you have significant waterproof protection. In addition to this, water damage is often not covered in the warranty of iPhones, making it a potentially costly mistake. A visit to a technical repair shop is highly recommended. A few solutions that you could try at home are below:


  • Immediately remove the device from the water and wipe with paper towels
  • Do not shake or try to switch the iPhone on straight away – this can lead to permanent damage
  • Use silica gel sachets to dry the iPhone
  • Put the device into a cup of dry rice


  1. iPhone Charging Issues:

Another common problem that many iPhone users face is a battery that doesn’t charge when it is plugged in. There are a number of things you can try to solve this issue at home:


  • Removing the dirt and dust from the charging port
  • Changing the connection cable
  • Restarting your device 


If none of these tips work, consider seeing your nearest iPhone Repair store. 


  1. Volume Button Stuck:

The volume button being stuck can cause a myriad of issues, including not being able to receive calls. Following these simple steps could give you a quick and easy fix:


  • Turn on the airplane mode and divert all phone calls to voicemail. You can also mute all the sound of devices. 
  • Go to Settings 🡪 Accessibility 🡪 Assistive touch and turn it on. 


This will allow you to easily access your device from the home screen. If these techniques don’t work and your device is still having sound issues, see your iPhone Repair service provider.  


  1. iPhone Screen Cracked:

Nothing is more irritating than using an iPhone with a cracked screen. It is a common issue that can occur very easily – any fall onto a hard surface can cause it. If not fixed, it can cause several issues such as a frozen or unresponsive screen, low or no visibility on screen, or even physical injury from the touchscreen glass cutting fingers. Your best options for a cracked screen are:


  • Contacting a nearby Apple store.
  • Visiting iPhone Repair on the Gold Coast.
  • Ordering yourself a DIY screen repair kit. 


  1. Battery Repair Issues:

One of the biggest problems that is commonly faced by iPhone users is a battery that drains too quickly. This problem is usually encountered after an iOS upgrade and the best solution is to remove all unnecessary and unwanted apps that are not being used. However, if the problem persists, you should consult with an iPhone battery and repair replacement service provider immediately. 


  1. Back and Rear Camera Is Not Working:

If your iPhone camera is not working, there are several checks you can do at home:

  • Check your camera’s restrictions. This can be done in your ‘Settings’ 
  • Make sure that ‘allow camera’ has been selected
  •  If the above is done, try resetting your device


If these checks don’t work, then there could be a hardware problem with your camera. In that case, find an iPhone camera repair service or visit iPhone Repair on the Gold Coast.