10 Best Tools To Make Your Blog Post Visually Appealing

A blog post is not only about great content! It has to be visually appealing too. A visually appealing blog post makes it easier for the users to stick on the website.

There are tons of useful tools out there which you can use for making your blog post visually appealing. 

To make the list shorter for you, we have chosen the top 10 best tools which can make your blog post look beautiful.

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10 Best Tools That Will Make Your Blog Post Visually Appealing


  1. Canva

Canva is the most popular designing tool available. From beginners to professionals, from designers to bloggers, everyone prefers to use Canva for meeting their design requirements.

The Canva tool comes with many pre-made templates. These templates make it easier for the users to create beautiful designs instantly. 

From designing Facebook posts to an entire magazine, you can do almost everything on the Canva app. Adding infographics in a blog post makes it easier to summarize your points or for explaining a point easily, you can use the Canva app for designing these infographics too!


  1. Pexels

Adding pictures in your blog post not only intensifies the beauty of the post but also gives the readers the much needed a break between the paragraphs!

It’s not possible to click photographs of all the things that you are writing in your blog post. However, we also know that it is recommended to add images. What to do in such a tricky situation?

Well, it’s simple. Use Pexels!

In Pexels, you will find the best free stock photos and videos. Talented creators from all around the globe publish the images that they have clicked on Pexels.

In the search box, simply enter the keyword for the photo or the video, which you are looking for and the Pexels website will get it for you. Choose your favorite image and download it!


  1. Venngage

If you are looking for a tool that will especially allow you to make infographics, then Venngage is the tool for you! The tool covers more than 100 templates of infographics which provides the users with instant ideas to create their very own infographics.

You can create your infographics on Venngage with three simple steps:

  1.   Choose a template
  2.   Add charts and visuals
  3.   Customize your designs

Want to be a data hero? Go ahead and use Venngage.


  1. PicMonkey

In PicMonkey, you can create images that will attract eyes. With PicMonkey you can:

  •         Edit photos
  •         Give a touch up to the photos
  •         Create designs

The tool supports 2,400 templates that are fully customizable. In addition to that, it has 70 plus pre-set blank canvases. Creating multi-photo designs is also very easy on PicMonkey.

Different things that you can design on PicMonkey include logos, ads, business cards, invites, announcements, and many other things. Designs assets on PicMonkey include:

  •         3,000+ graphics
  •         200+ fonts
  •         100+ textures

The changes that you make while designing on PicMonkey are automatically autosaved. And therefore, you never have to worry about losing any data here.


  1. Stencil

Stencil is a designing tool that is specially curated to meet the needs of bloggers, social media marketers, and the business owners.

You can create beautiful images on Stencil easily for different social media platforms. If you are looking for a tool that can create beautiful blog headers, then your search should end with Stencil.

What makes Stencil a favorite tool among the bloggers are the features like:

  •         2,200,000 plus stock photos
  •         1,050+ wonderful templates
  •         1,00,000+ quotes
  •         3,000+ Google web fonts
  •         2,000,000+ icons and graphics
  •         63+ custom sizes for meeting all your requirements

In addition to that, you can upload your very own images on Stencil and go ahead with the designing stuff. Everything in Stencil is highly customizable.


  1. Pixabay

From Pixabay, you can download free images and royalty-free stock. Currently, the website has more than 1.7 million-plus high-quality stock images. In addition to that, it also supports videos.

The videos and images which are available on Pixabay come with Pixabay License. It simply means that one doesn’t need any kind of permissions for using the images which are downloaded from here.

Yes, you read it right! It is a hub of millions of copyright-free images and videos. You can simply search for the images and videos that you want and you will get it easily here on Pixabay.


  1. Infogram

Want to step higher and create not just infographics but engaging infographics, that too within a minute? With Infogram, it is possible!

Infogram is a visualization tool that will not only beautify your blog post but will also make the content very engaging.

This tool can help you in designing:

  •         Infographics
  •         Reports
  •         Slides
  •         Dashboards
  •         Maps
  •         Social media visuals

Wow the readers who come to visit your blog or website with interactive content.


  1. Adobe Spark

Transform your ideas into beautiful graphics using Adobe Spark. Are you looking for a tool that will help you to create impactful social graphics? Adobe Spark is the answer for you.

With the Spark Post you can create social graphics. Pick a photo from the gallery, add text and then, either go for design filters or animations and make the graphic content absolutely unique!

Without any design expertise, you can create beautiful designs on Adobe Spark. Not only this, go ahead and share the graphics that you have created instantly with other people.


  1. Simple Image Resizer

If you upload any heavily loaded image on your website, the load time will increase. It is therefore very essential that you make the image fit for an upload on the website.

Simple Image Resizer does that job! It enhances the images and graphics that you have created without compromising with the quality of the images.

You can decide to resize the image using either the percentage or the dimensions. You can use this tool for resizing GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG and JPEG.


  1. Snappa

Snappa can be used for creating graphics with just a snap! The graphics that you create here can be then be used in your blog.

Even if you are not a designer, you can create beautiful designs using the Snappa tool. For creating graphics in Snappa, you will have first to choose the image dimension.

Then, you can go ahead either with pre-made templates, or you can design your very own templates. After you have decided template add graphics, text, and effects. The Snappa tool supports:

  • 200+ fonts
  • 100,000+ vectors

In addition to that, the Snappa gives the users access to 9,000,000+ HD stock images. The tool allows to create a design in a speedy many. You don’t need to have any learning curve for using Snappa.



  1. What are the best tools for creating visual content?

The top 3 tools for creating visual content are:

  1.   Canva
  2.   Venngage
  3.   Snappa
  4. How to make visual content that people with love?

Follow the tips given below to create visual content for your blog that people will love:

  •         Use a good photo filter and use it consistently.
  •         Set a color palette that matches your brand and use it.
  •         Avoid using overused stock photos.
  •         Use infographics to explain data and facts.
  1. From where can I download free stock photos?
  •         Pixabay
  •         Pexels
  •         Life of Pix
  •         Snapwire Snaps
  •         Unsplash
  1. What makes a website visually appealing?

The design and color along with the pictures and graphics make your website visually appealing. In addition to that, both usability and consistency should be good.

  1. How to make your blog post go good?
  •         Use grids to make design
  •         Keep a balance between the texts and the images
  •         Create beautiful graphics
  •         Include good HD images
  •         Improve the typography of the website