10 Best Tips to Be a Responsible Traveller

If you’re planning on travelling soon, you might want to look into how to travel more mindfully and really appreciate the experiences you are going through. 


It’s not unusual for people to build up certain expectations before travelling somewhere. We usually base our expectations on what we see online from other people. The photos and videos of our next destination are probably swarming the social media so it’s hard to avoid having expectations.

However, you might want to at least try toning it down. To understand that not everyone has the same exact experience while travelling is very important. Instead of holding tightly on to the expectations formed by social media, try to go as blindly as possible into your travelling. Experience the food, the nightlife, and the culture without any already-fixed expectations or prejudices and the journey will absolutely amaze you. 


We know how easy it is to fall victim to that well-known temptation to pack every piece of clothing you have in the wardrobe. What will I wear for 89 different occasions? What if the weather gets cold? What if I end up needing an extra pair of socks? Packing can get pretty overwhelming and stressful if you pack your stuff with this mindset. The less baggage you carry, the less stressful this process will be for you. Make sure to bring essentials when it comes to clothes, hygiene, and meds if you take any and that’s about it. You are ready to go. 


The whole point of travelling is to learn about new cultures, expand your horizons, meet new people, and so on. To fully appreciate this experience that you’re gaining, you should try to get out of your comfort zone and try to meet as many locals as possible. By meeting the people on your travelling, you get to directly learn about the customs of the country that you travelled to. This can be an amazing opportunity for you to meet some new friends, explore the culture, and get to know how people live there. Don’t miss out on such a great chance. Practising this way of travelling will allow you to travel more mindfully and open-mindedly. 


Travelling can sometimes be very hectic and rushed. Now with all of the regulations due to the current OVID-19 situation, it can feel even more overwhelming to travel. However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time and taking in every valuable moment that you spend on your trips.

Meditation being one of the best ways to stay grounded and relaxed can help you out a lot. There are so many amazing ways to meditate. If you’re a beginner you can always look up useful tutorials on how to meditate, but essentially meditation can be whatever helps soothe your mind and tune out the external noise. For instance, while travelling, you can go on meditative walks and explore the nature of your destination. 


Make sure to take your time while travelling. We tend to feel pressured into travelling a lot by all of these in-your-face Instagram posts that make us feel like we’re constantly missing out on something. However, don’t fall under that pressure. Choosing quality over quantity is much more important. It’s much better to visit fewer places but actually take your time to fully appreciate your time there and fall in love with the place you’re visiting, than to jump from one place to another not really seeing anything worth mentioning. 


Travelling mindfully also includes being aware of your surroundings and the environment. As travellers, we have to acknowledge the fact that we tend to leave a huge carbon footprint behind us on our travelling trips. So, if you want to be more mindful and eco-friendly on your travels make sure to practice zero waste. For example, try to carry a reusable metal water bottle, switch to cotton bags instead of using plastic ones, and so on.  


Though it does feel tempting to get a cab or take a bus or even use your own car while travelling, but while we’re on the topic of environmental issues, our means of transport can also have a negative impact on the environment. As we’ve already mentioned, the carbon footprint left by tourists can cause quite a bit of trouble for our planet. So, instead of using a cab or a bus to stroll through the city that you’re visiting, you can choose to explore your destination on foot, or invest in some high-quality mountain bikes and explore the surrounding nature while being eco-conscious. Not only is this means of transportation more fun and adventurous, but it’s also much healthier for your mind and body too. Biking around your chosen destination allows you to slow down a bit and take in your surroundings. It’s great for the planet as well as for your own health too. 


It can be easy for us to fall out of our healthy eating habits while we travel. During that time, it’s especially important to eat the food that makes our bodies feel good and healthy. To travel more mindfully also includes being careful and also open about the food you’re trying while travelling. 

Firstly, try to be open-minded towards trying out new things. Getting to know the cuisine of a certain country is part of learning about the culture as well. So, don’t shy away from trying something that is out of your comfort zone. Secondly, take your time to savour the food you’re eating. Make sure to really appreciate and feel every bite you take. You’ll try so many different foods that you’re probably not able to find a home. So, enjoy every bite you take. 


Be curious to explore the places that may be a lot less popular than the ones you see on Instagram. Heighten all of your senses and really try to explore and enjoy your surroundings. Don’t shy away from asking locals about their culture and what they would recommend you to visit. Only this way can you travel more mindfully and open-mindedly. 


Lastly, travelling itself is somewhat hectic and jet lags can be annoying, so try to take your time to rest properly while travelling. Whether resting for you means taking a 30-minute warm bath or meditating on the balcony, just make sure you have that quality me-time and try to stay relaxed while travelling. 


In conclusion, travelling mindfully means travelling more openly, being accepting to learning new things and getting out of your comfort zone, as well as being mindful of the impact you have on the environment. Being eco-conscious on your travels is also very important.