10 Best things to do in McAllen

Have you been to McAllen? Those who are looking for a city with picturesque beauty must visit this city which is situated at the southern tip of the Rio Grande Valley. The city offers charming city, sweeping views of luscious nature. the city has been welcoming tons of people who come from all around to experience its breathtaking beauty.

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1. have Organic Produce at Earth Born Market

Visit Earth Born which is a source of its products from local growers devoted to providing the highest quality ingredients. The famous Holbrooks are the proud owners and operators of Earth Born. Here, you can have an organic and environmentally friendly farming practice.

2. McAllen’s New Park & Spray Ground

This ground offers a great site to visit on a bright day, where it is quite fun to play in the water. Here, you can spend time at McAllen’s New Park & Spray Ground located at Zinnia Park.

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3. RGV Escape Rooms

If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, then visit the Trapped RGV Escape Rooms! These rooms are designed for groups of people that seek an upgraded unplugged adventure.

4. South Texas College

This college is an educational institution, it also opens its doors to visitors at certain times. There is a student center, art studios, and a bookstore. Have a tour of this college that last about an hour. Here, you can stroll across the campus and stops at a variety of academic buildings.

5. have an Incredible Tamales at Delia’s Tamales                                                                                                                                                          

Come to Delia’s Tamales which serves the best tamales in town. This famous restaurant got started by making tamales at home and delivering them door to door. However, Delia’s Tamales has six branches across the Rio GrandeValley.

6. learn the History at McAllen Heritage Center

This center is situated in the Downtown area of the town, McAllen Heritage Center which was opened in 2008. A center is a must-visit place that is located in the historic building of La Placita, a former federal post office built in 1935.

7. Hiking and Cycling Trails

If you are dying to go hiking or cycling in McAllen, then hop into this region. Here, you will find several trails for hiking and cycling across the town. There are places to walk, jog, cycle, hike, and even skate at the trails in Las Palmas Park Trail, McAllen Hike & Bike Trails, Retama Village Park Trail, and Schupp Park Trail.

8. visit the McAllen Nature Center

This center was known previously as McAllen Botanical Garden. The McAllen Nature Center is a nature reserve owned and operated by the city. The center covers an area of 33 acres and houses several species of plants and animals.

9. hop into parks and gardens for Charming Picnics

For those searching for charming Picnics spots, then come to this small local business that sets up a picnic for you in McAllen. There are perfect picnic spots by the Charming Business that can provide you with everything to experience.

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10. Purchase Local Produce at McAllen Farmers Market

From these markets, buy locally grown organic produce and other locally sourced products at this charming farmer’s market.

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