10 Best Places to See Northern Lights in Iceland

Among all the sceneries and things you can do in Iceland, one thing is seeing those bright northern lights. These elusive lights, bright wisps of blue and green dancing in front of your eyes. The chances of spotting them is rare and Iceland is the best country where you can see them. So we have made a list of 10 best places to see the northern lights in Iceland. We assure you that you will be able to see the lights here.

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  1. Seltjarnarnes

This place is a peaceful and tiny residential city placed on the top of a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean from all angles. It is one of the decent spots in Iceland for Northern lights. The Grotta Lighthouse in Seltjarnarnes is very prominent due to its unusual area to glimpse and enjoy the gorgeous happening of Northern Lights in the sky.

You can see these beautiful lights, if you choose our Iceland tour packages from Pickyourtrail website. Further, the spot is completely unrestricted of any sort of glow or sound corruption, bringing about your experience even more personal. The amalgamation of the coast and the notions of gleaming lights in the sky certainly make you plummet in love with it. 

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  1. Jökulsárlón

This place is a necessary addition when you make your Iceland bucket list. The beautiful and distinct landscape also makes it one of the very reasonable spots to see the northern lights in Iceland. It is discovered in the southeast, adjoining Vatnajökull National Park, the crystal obvious ice gravel on the black sand beach grabs the red and green gleam of the aurora borealis, building a kaleidoscopic impact. This is an extremely decent area for the shutterbug. 

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  1. Seljavallalaug

Wish to feel like you’re opposing Mother Nature? Thus see the northern lights while crouching comfortably in one of Iceland’s popular hot streams. Seljavallalaug is our main pick: the outside swimming pot is complementary and is open 24 hours a day. It’s also one of the former reservoirs in Iceland, and, helpfully when it arrives at the aurora, in the inside of nowhere.

It is located in southern Iceland nestled within Reykjavík and Vík. A celestial light show plus optimal bath pool climates? If you inquire with us, Seljavallalaug is hands down one of the nicest spots to grab the exhibit.

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  1. Klambratún

This huge garden, not far from the middle of Reykjavík, might not appear like the greatest apparent place if you’re surveying for the Northern Lights, but the lines of trees enclosing the horizon do a lovely nice job of blocking out radiance from the close-by apartment spaces. It’s so huge that if you were to stand straight in the middle, you’d be almost unmoved by light smog, providing you with a decent opportunity of sighting the swirling colours lighting the sky. You are lucky if you arrive at the right time because this is one of the decent spots to glimpse the Northern Lights in Iceland. 

  1. Vík

If you want to reach this place you require to ride about 187km southeast of Reykjavík, which is along the major ring road, to arrive at the vacant tiny beachfront of Vík, the vastly southerly town in Iceland. It houses only about 300 residents, and the black-sand coast situated next to the tiny fishing colony is an outstanding background for that mysterious dancing brightness – hence the traditional entrances of visitors from the city. Just maintain your gaze on the tides, which are understood to be powerful and lounge.

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  1. Ásbyrgi Canyon

To discover Ásbyrgi Canyon, which implies Shelter of the Gods, go to the northern city of Húsavik, on the coasts of the picture-perfect gulf of Skjálfandi. The valley is nearly 64km which is beyond a simple hustle on the Diamond Circle road. Ásbyrgi is a gorgeous, outstanding, far-flung locale where you can lie back and appreciate the psychotropic capers of the Aurora Borealis distant above. With mountains soaring 100m (328ft) tall and a woodland forest of ash, wood and willow, this glacial valley has an across-the-board impact that is mesmerizingly nice, celestial and temporal. 

  1. Threngsli

The infinite horizontal region near the town of Thorlakshofn is recognized to be the nicest spot in Iceland to see Northern Lights in a deserted spot. This spot is not often visited by tourists. Thus, you hope to have a quiet breakout to appreciate the gorgeous glowing colours in the obvious atmospheres of Iceland, this is the very spot for you to be. Further, the spot is independent of any sort of air or noise pollution and gives you a vast background of an enormous flatland which enables you to catch a few of the greatly mind-blowing impressions of the Northern Lights.

  1. Djúpavík

Relatively an undesirable coastal city in Iceland, Djúpavík is rarely visited by tourists. The only people that you may discover there are the lovers who hope to sight the gorgeous star paths. Nonetheless, very few are conscious of the truth that this side of the nation encounters the vastly gorgeous circumstances of the Northern Lights, compelling it as the nicest spot in Iceland to glimpse Northern Lights.

You may get to appreciate the distinguished complexions of blue, purple, pink, and even red, which are hardly noticeable from most of the distinct locales in the nation. Thus, if you hope to see the Northern Lights in all its honour in an isolated region, with no one else surrounding you, just go to Djúpavík.

  1. Perlan

If you hope to learn the whole past of Iceland and hope to get nearer to the dilemmas of this mysterious nation, touring this spot is a must-visit for you. At Perlan, one can investigate the earth’s very main man-made ice cave and crouch inside a contemporary planetarium to go through an actual trip that enables you to stare at the remarkable event of Northern Lights and learn about it, any day of the year.

Apart from existing, the decent spot in Iceland to discern Northern Lights practically is also the decent spot to learn about the Icelandic nation and lives.

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  1. Reynisfjara black sand beach

It is located near the southern city of Vík is Reynisfjara, understood for its black sand beach, basalt sections and ocean heaps, understood as Reynisdrangar. It’s one of the decent spots to glimpse the northern lights in Iceland as it gives both stunning impressions and the soundtrack of the tides while the evening sky plops on its exhibit.

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So are you ready to watch these radiant lights while lounging with your partner, friend or family. Have you prepared your bags to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Iceland? Well, if you haven’t started yet, you will surely lose your chance to enjoy these amazing lights. So get ready and let’s explore Iceland!!