10 Best Mobile apps for getting Education.

Learning is a process of knowing new things and making them a part of your knowledge. It is a never-ending process because you can learn throughout your life.

In this modern era of technology, learning has become a piece of cake. Now, there are more resources than before. Learning mobile apps are a new addition, and they are like a blessing in disguise.

You can use these apps to access the Quran learning center in Jeddah to learn Quran online.

They cover multiple areas of learning like learning a new language, taking a specific course, or exam preparation.

In this article, we will discuss the best mobile apps for learning, and you can use any of them to make your learning process easier and simpler.

  1. Udmey

It is one of the famous mobile learning apps, and the reason behind its popularity is its access. You can download this app on your mobile phone whether it is an IOS or an android.

The best thing about this mobile learning app is that you can take online courses through this app. Choose the course of your choice, and then with the help of it browse it.

There are multiple topics available on this app, and they almost touch every topic. So, you will never feel difficulty finding the course of your choice because of the availability of numerous topics.

  • LearnWorlds Mobile Builders

It is a mobile app that uses React Native Technology, and it provides all the solutions to give a perfect shape to future mobile education.

It is a special mobile learning app because you can do multiple learning things on this app. You can watch content-related videos; you can read content related to your course and much more like that.

You can also take a knowledge test to check your learning status regarding the course you have selected.

  • Khan Academy

It is a free education app, and you can learn any subject from this app. It could be arts, economics, math, biology, or any other subject you are interested in learning.

It offers you a profit-free education, and you can watch instructional videos on it as well. You can solve practice tests to make your learning process stronger.

  • TED-ed

It is a learning platform from where you can create a customized learning plan. In this plan, you can include discussions, TED-ed lessons, TED talks, and educational videos.

It is different from other learning mobile apps because you can create customized discussions and questions through this app.  

  • Solo Learn

It is a well-known app from which you can learn programming. It is for those students who are interested in learning to code or in taking a programming course.

It offers free courses in all languages of programming. It also gives you access to a highly interactive community to engage in healthy discussions and ask questions to make an interactive learning environment.

  • Lets Read

It is a mobile learning app that promotes reading skills and helps children in it. It is specially designed for kids interested in reading books looking for an extensive list of books.

It is like a digital library for children where a long list of books is available of numerous authors.

  • Coursera

It is one of the best apps to get certificates for different universities to improve your career. They are long lists of courses in this app, and you can choose one of your choices to get its certificate.

You can later use that certificate to get your dream job. The certificates available in this app are from prestigious universities.

  • Duolingo

It is a popular app from which you can learn any new language. The best thing about this app is the fun way in which you can learn a new language.

There are different games, bite-sized lessons, and fun exercises that make your learning process fun. While learning a new language through this app you unlock various levels by learning new words, and it sometimes gets very addictive.

You also get to earn virtual coins by learning new phrases of the language you choose.

  • Quizlet

It is a learning platform where you can learn about your hobbies along with course subjects.

Like, you can learn about biology or sports because both of them are available on this app.

It is a fun mobile learning app because you make diagrams or use online flashcards to learn the course you choose.

  1. edX

It is a free learning app, and you can learn any trending subject from it from the top universities of the world. The education access through this app is cost-efficient, and you can take an online course like data science, design, or computer science.

You can also test your knowledge through this app by attempting different exams and quizzes.