10 Best Gaming Laptop Accessories and Laptops That Everyone Will Love!

Top-notch gaming systems are all about power and mobility. Gaming laptops and desktops all have the same goal of delivering a cinematic experience at an affordable price.

But even a first-class gaming system needs the right accessories in order to function at its best. Here are 10 of the best gaming laptop accessories to add to your arsenal.

1. SteelSeries Gaming Headset

The SteelSeries Gaming Headset is one of the best in its category. It comes from one of the first brands to offer high-res audio which means it has a headstart over the competition.

The sound quality from the latest SteelSeries Pro series is still unmatched. When you put on the headset, expect to hear details you never imagined possible before.

Beware Apple users. This headset is designed for the PC and PS4 only. It’s best for gamers who want to customize their experiences without having to rely on special software.

You can control the headset from your GameDAC.

2. HyperX Cloud Alpha

Perhaps you can’t splurge on the expensive SteelSeries Pro headset yet. If you’re looking for a quality set of headphones that won’t break the bank, the HyperX Cloud Alpha headphones should be your go to.

These headphones start at $99 and offer much of the same comfort and durability you’ll find with the SteelSeries. Expect battery life that lasts hours.

The cushion on each earpad is where these headphones shine. Even after a full day of wear, you won’t feel you’ve been smothering your ears in vinyl padding.

These are some of the best gaming laptop accessories for the committed gamer who needs hours of extended play each day. If your headset breaks, you can repair the pieces instead of having to foot the bill for a new pair.

3. Mophie Powerstation

Even the best laptop battery can’t withstand hours of videogame play. Games with heavy graphics are known for sucking the battery life out of the longest-lasting batteries.

You can get around this issue with a portable laptop charging station. The Mophie Powerstation AC is a cut above other portable chargers in its category with more than 22,000mAh of battery power.

You’ll be able to charge your laptop twice over without missing a minute of gaming. Keep in mind though that is a heavy battery.

Its portability means you can take it with you but you’ll get quickly fatigued if you keep moving it around throughout the day.

4. Logitech G502 Lightspeed

The gaming experience couldn’t be the same without a proper mouse. When researching the lightest gaming mice, you might find the Logitech G502 as a viable option for swift, feather-like movements during gameplay.

The LogitechG502 mouse also has superior connection speeds. It’s response time has a latency of just 1ms. That’s an ultra-responsive reaction for any time of gaming mouse whether you’re working with a wired or wireless device.

5. Corsair Ironclaw

At half the cost of the best-in-class Logitech, the Corsair Ironclaw delivers lightning speed performance at a budget-friendly price. It’s not going to offer the same precision and speed as its competition but the value is definitely there.

This wireless gaming mouse allows you to choose your connection type. You can use the brand’s Slipstream technology or connect via low latency Bluetooth.

The faster option, by far, is through the Corsair Slipstream technology which has a latency reaction time of less than 1ms. The shape of the mouse makes it easy to grip using your palm especially if you have large hands.

Its optical sensor is capable of tracking 18,000 DPI.

6. Samsung T5 SSD

Gaming laptops are usually going to give you the flexibility to either download your games to your computer’s hard drive or store them somewhere on the cloud.

But there’s a third option that’s equally as viable. External SSD storage.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are an innovative solution to large media storage that puts you in the driver’s seat of how much information you want on your laptop. Cloud storage is great, but it won’t perform at the same speed as an SSD drive or media saved to your computer.

Give yourself more storage options with the Samsung T5 SSD. It’s lightweight design and compact size makes it perfect for portability.

Smaller than a credit card, this device fits in your pocket so you can keep all your favorite games on hand while you travel. It’s also highly durable. According to the manufacturer, you can drop it from as high as 2 meters and not make a dent.


7. Lacie Rugged USB-C

Another external hard drive option is the Lacie-Rugged USB-C. It’s one of the most durable drives available with a protective shield around its exterior to prove it.

The Lacie Rugged USB-C comes with 1TB of space but it’s not an SSD. You won’t get the same speed as you would with the Samsung T5, but it’s a gaming accessory that still does the trick when you need to cut costs.

8. Cooler Master Notepal

Hours of gaming will surely make your laptop get heated. Instead of turning off your game to give your device a rest, try the Cooler Master Notepal instead.

It increases your fan’s airflow by around 20 percent helping to extend your gameplay by hours at a time.

9. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Another option for keeping your laptop cool is the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad. It’s compatible with any laptop up to 17 inches in width.

Its claim to fame is an adjustable height setting so you can still play comfortably with the adding accessory beneath your computer.

10. Screen Cleaner

Even the best gaming laptop accessories won’t matter if your computer screen is filled with dust. Keep a high-quality screen cleaner and dusting cloth nearby to protect your graphics from settling dust.

You can get a quality cleaner from most gaming or office supply stores for just a few dollars.

Finding the Best Gaming Laptop Accessories

The best gaming laptop accessories don’t have to break the bank. You can build a quality system according to your budget if you’re willing to do the research.

There are trade-offs to spending less, but they’re barely noticeable unless you’re downgrading after years of using another machine. Be sure to properly store any accessories you choose to ensure they have the longest possible shelf life when not in use.

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