10 Best Fitness Apps for Complete Fitness in 2020

The best fitness mobile app helps you gain access to a lot of other information and tools too, like a personal trainer feature that designs your workout, or something as simple as a calorie calculator.
Nobody will ever refuse a little assistance when getting a little more fit is in context. You may be trying to lose some weight, gain more muscle, exercise more frequently, or even break new barriers in terms of intense workouts.

Fitness tracking apps are more than capable of providing you that much-needed assistance by consistently reminding you of your fitness targets and keeping you on track of achieving them. The best fitness mobile app also helps you gain access to a lot of other information and tools too, like a personal trainer feature that designs your workout, or something as simple as a calorie calculator.

In fact, subtle pushes from some really interactive fitness apps might actually lead you to the path of fitness. Fitness apps predominantly fit into some particular categories that include demand-based workouts, short workouts, activity tracking & even music.

As a user, there are a number of different fitness apps to provide you with the right kind of motivation. Here are 10 of the best fitness apps that you can install on your Android or iOS device and start working out with at your homes, amidst this COVID-19 lockdown-

1- 8 FIT

Platforms- Android & iOS

Charges- Free, $59.99/ year, $44.99/half-yearly, $19.99/month that includes meal plans and workouts

This app has a combination of demand-based workouts and meal planning. Moreover, the app creates a customized program for you in terms of the exercises as well as the diet you will have to follow. Perfect for people who love to have a lot of help, reminders, and suggestions, you can choose a goal and then begin working on it right away.


Platforms- iOS & Web

Charges- $0.99/month to get an exercise calendar, and $0.99 for video tutorials

This app is a culmination of a workout app, blog, and also YouTube channel by Casey Ho. Again, the app has demand-based workouts, fitness recommendations, recipes as well as tips to ensure positivity in the body.

Apart from this, users can also shop from a nice athleisure collection from the app itself.


Platforms- iOS & Android

Charges- $27.99/quarter, and $99.99/year for Premium access

The Fit Radio app is a music streaming mobile app that has specific playlists for a number of their guided workouts. Users can find a playlist that suits their tempo, or a playlist that is according to the workout that they have planned to do. You can also pick music from a genre that’s entirely of your choice.

For free, you get limited access to Fit Radio, while the premium account will open you to all their workouts and unlimited music.


Platforms- Android, iOS, Windows, Web

Charges- $9.99/month, and $79.99 for a Premium account

The Fitbit Coach app allows you to watch workout videos which can be easily done anywhere. From simple stretching exercises to stair workouts, the routines are very easy to follow. Fitbit is a great app for people who prefer a human voice to take them through their workout regime.


Platforms- Web

Charges- $39/month and $288/year

With the Forte app, users can stream their live workout sessions and participate from their homes, hotel rooms, or any other place. The instructor is audible and visible to you, but you won’t be audible or visible to them.

You can browse through the availability of sessions, their duration, the degree of intensity as well as the kind of equipment required.


Platforms- Android, Web, iOS

Charges- Free, $6.99/month and $39.99/year

Jefit is a workout app that focuses mainly on strength training, but users can customize their workouts as they wish. The app has a number of different routines which can be done and special exercises which focus on different kinds of muscle groups as well. There is also a scheduling feature to remind you of the routines for the coming days.

7- The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

Platforms- iOS & Android

Charges- Free

In technical terms, this app is a circuit training app that allows you to adjust some exercise in your day, with an intensity level that is according to your needs. You require just 7 minutes, just as the app name says. Jumping jacks, wall chair sits and tricep dips on chairs are some of the workouts that are available on this app.

It is a great fitness app as there is a great balance of information and simplicity, and is perfect for everyone.


Platforms- iOS & Android

Charges- Free, $5.99/month, and $29.99/year

Map My Fitness is the perfect app for users who are new into fitness and have a long way to go. The app keeps a record of every single activity, even those like walking your dog or cleaning the house. When doing any activity, just launch the app, choose an activity and begin recording the time you spend on that activity, the calories burned and other related health data.


Platforms- iOS & Android

Charges- Free

The Mindbody app helps you to find local fitness, wellness and beauty resources in your location. The database is vast, which includes salons, yoga classes and more.  The app also is enabled to help users book appointments at the available places, where the requirements for booking may vary.


Platforms- iOS, Android & Web

Charges- Free, $9.99/month, $30/half-yearly, and $44.99/year

MyPlate is a comprehensive fitness app that has everything- calorie tracker, weight management, workouts, and recipes as well. On first registering an account, the app asks you about your present fitness level and body composition. Right after that, you can choose on gaining or losing weight, while the app keeps a tab on your nutritional requirements.


These are the best fitness apps that you can use in 2020 to have a healthier and fitter you. The apps are loaded with features that make your fitness journey an easy and relaxed one, other than the workout pain and sweat that may arise due to fatigue.

It’s a win-win though, given the benefits fitness has on your overall health.

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