10 best employee benefits that people will value in 2022

Now that it is 2022, your employees are expecting the best of the best when it comes to their benefits. Make sure that you keep up to speed in relation to their work-life balance and needs. Happy employees make a happy business. Here are some perks that your employees will truly value.

  1. Flexible Work Hours

As you welcome a new generation of workers, you will find that they will appreciate a flexible work environment. Allow them to work from home, virtually or during the hours that will best suit them. This will help them maintain a good balance of their home and work duties. 

  1. Virtual Work Environments

You do not have to trap your employees in a small or open-plan office. Instead, put some faith in your workers and let them work where they want to work. If you offer them a VPN or a company laptop, they can work in a café, library or their own homes. This will give them some privacy and help them relax. 

  1. Life Insurance Cover

It’s important to look after your employees in any situation whilst they are under contract. That’s why you should offer a group life insurance policy. You can make them feel comfortable at work in relation to injury, age, disability and illness, as they will know that they will be protected in the worst situation.

  1. Mental Health Resources

Emotional and mental health have become important topics in the workplace. A mentally healthy employee will always give their all, in relation to projects. Offer mental health resources, accessible therapy and counselling sessions to make sure your workers are in the best shape they can be. 

  1. Holistic Leave

If your employees have members of their families who are suffering from illness or disability, you may be able to grant them paid leave to help them during their work hours.

  1. Increased Holidays

Your employees will always be happy to have an extra holiday added onto their allotted holiday allowance. If they do well in certain tasks, offer an early day or extra leave as a reward.

  1. Childcare Resources

It is important that you offer equality in your workplace. That means if one of your employees has a large family of children, you may need to offer childcare options for them to ensure they can keep up with their workload.

  1. Education

You may want to encourage your employees by supporting their education and development in their profession. You could also get them access to the latest tools of their trade, resources and technology.

  1. Health

You can offer your employees a healthy living option, including access to gyms, healthy food and options for breaking addiction, such as smoking and drinking. This might include perks and rewards for making healthier choices.  

  1. Pension Contributions

We all want to earn a little extra when it comes to our pensions. If you feel like your employees are doing a great job at work, offer to increase the amount that goes into their pension through your own contribution. 

And there you have it – the 10 best employee benefits that people will value in 2022.