10 Benefits of using a VPN

With cybersecurity concerns on the rise, more and more people are looking to buy VPN subscriptions to secure their online presence. That being said, there are a lot of people who don’t know what a VPN is, what it does and why one should use it. 

If you’ve been wondering the same thing, you’re at the right place. In this blog, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about a VPN and its benefits. 

What is a VPN

VPNs are cybersecurity tools that help users maintain online anonymity and privacy by connecting to the internet indirectly via proxy through remote and secure servers. This process entirely hides your IP address, replacing it with your VPN server, making you fully anonymous online. 

Not only does this ensure that you are safe and secure from hackers and spies, but the process also keeps you away from tracking by third parties like advertising agencies, internet service providers, and the government. 

Now that we know what a VPN is and how it works let’s talk about some of the benefits of using it. At the end of this blog, we would also be suggesting you a VPN that you can make use to get all of the advantages mentioned. You can download VPN and use free for 30 days before you make the actual purchase.

10 benefits of using a VPN

Many people think a VPN is just a cybersecurity tool—but that’s only partly true. There are several other benefits of using a VPN than just security. Let’s look at them one by one. 

  1. Complete anonymity

Every device has an IP address. This string of numbers helps machines uniquely identify each other in a network. Typically, IP addresses are public, and it’s easy to find out what the IP address of a particular machine is. Once you know it, it’s simple to find out what a person is doing online. 

Since a VPN masks your IP address, you’re essentially anonymous online. This means that no one can track you or trace your browsing activities back to you, even if they have your IP address. 

  1. Protection from hacking and tracking

VPNs offer double-layered security against hacking and tracking. The first layer is privacy and anonymity and privacy. With your IP address being hidden, it’s impossible to reach your machine to hack it. 

The next layer is encryption. Encryption makes sure that your entire communication between the internet and your device is enclosed in special code blocks that are undecipherable unless you have a decryption key—keeping you safe from hackers and spies. 

  1. Ability to connect to public Wi-Fi safely

Public Wi-Fis are useful—but they are also incredibly unsafe because they can give hackers easy access into all connected devices. This is why it’s advisable not to work on your business or office-related tasks from a public Wi-Fi hotspot. 

VPNs, however, make these a lot safer to use. By letting you get around with a different IP address, you run a far lesser risk of getting hacked into or your data were stolen when you’re using public Wi-Fi networks. 

  1. Bypassing geo-barriers

VPNs also make it straightforward to bypass geo-blocks and access any website you want to—even if it’s blocked in your country. This is because a VPN lets you spoof your location over to a different country, letting you access the websites and content libraries available to the citizens of that country. 

  1. Bypassing censorship barriers

Some websites and content pieces like films and movies face censorship bans because they don’t fall in line with viewership regulations. A VPN can help you get across these regulations by helping you pose as a citizen of another country. 

  1. Safe torrenting

Torrent downloads are a great alternative to paying a subscription fee to streaming services and platforms. Available for free and in HD quality, torrenting websites hold libraries upon libraries of movies and shows of all genres. 

Not only that, other tools and content forms like software, apps, games, and music are also available. VPNs let you download these files safely to your machines without the risk of a hacker tracking and tailing you. 

  1. International shopping deals

Who doesn’t look for discounts? But what if the discounts are on a brand that’s only available in a certain region? VPNs will easily let you avail deals and discounts by spoofing your location to that country. 

  1. Bypassing ISP throttling

If you’ve ever felt like your internet has slowed after having downloaded a heavy game or movie, this is probably because your ISP is throttling your bandwidth. To counter this, VPNs can make you fully anonymous, preventing your ISP from throttling your bandwidth.

  1. Safe and anonymous downloading

Even though torrents are efficient and popular, downloading copyrighted material and applications can get you fined. VPNs provide an effective solution by temporarily replacing your IP address with that of your VPN server. 

  1. Safely access home networks

Traveling and need to grab some files from your home PC? You can easily use a VPN to access your files remotely safely and securely. Now that you know the benefits of a VPN tool, we have a suggestion of a provider that will allow you to save 90% with their Christmas VPN deal. Also, this Christmas VPN if offering free 2 TB encrypted cloud storage and password manager for free.