10 Benefits of Owning the Best Pocket Flashlight

Many people have a misconception about pocket flashlights. They think smaller flashlights are less powerful than bigger ones. However, that’s not the case. 

There are flashlights out there smaller enough to fit in your palm but still more powerful than many large-size flashlights. For example, S1R Baton 2 and Baton 3 are two powerful flashlights by Olight, which are both small and powerful at the same time. 

Don’t let the size of a flashlight fool you, smaller ones can be just as bright as full-sized flashlights. Let’s look at the benefits of using the best pocket flashlight in your everyday life. 

Benefits of Pocket Flashlights

Unlike in the old days, today flashlights can be used for a variety of purposes because of their size and powerful lumen outputs. Pocket flashlights are becoming more in use in recent years because of their advantages over bulkier flashlights. 


Pocket flashlights are small and easy to carry. Just imagine you’re packing for your night camping adventure. You pack up everything but at the last moment, you realized you couldn’t stuff in your flashlight because of its size. 

If you love camping and hiking but don’t love heavyweight backpacks, a pocket flashlight can help you cut down the weight. Some best pocket flashlights are so small that they can even fit into your shirt pocket. 

For example, S1R Baton 2 and Baton 3 are the two best flashlights that have all the practical functions of regular-sized flashlights but in a compact form. 


You can use your best pocket flashlight to blind an attacker temporarily. Today’s flashlights are highly advanced as compared to older flashlights. 

Most flashlights today use LED bulbs to enhance the brightness level. Some of the best pocket flashlights even have a strobe mode which can be used to disorient attackers and send signals during emergencies. 

Additionally, higher-quality pocket flashlights are also made of metal which can be used as a non-lethal weapon in case you need to use it. 

Avoid Accidents in the Dark 

When your house is out of power it often leads to accidents while finding your way to the power station. If you have a pocket flashlight it’s easy to walk to the power backup facility, you can even use them to find candles and lamps so that your home can be a little bright until the power comes back. 

Pocket lights also come in handy while trekking or hiking in the dark. It helps to avoid slippery slopes, leeches, wet surfaces, wildlife, and so on. 

Saves Your Phone Battery 

Phone flashlights can be useful features in many situations. However, using your phone flashlights for a longer period will drain the battery. 

Smartphones can do more important things than just provide light. You don’t want your phone to die in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of emergencies just because you overuse your phone flashlight. 

Moreover, the light produced by your phone is not even close to flashlights. Some of the best pocket flashlights like Baton 3 can produce up to 1200 lumens which is way more light than your phone flashlight. 

Emergency Roadside Help

Most people will have an emergency flashlight somewhere in the car for backup. But what if you don’t have one, or what if the flashlight is dead due to irregular use? 

Whether you’re stuck in a dangerous roadside scenario, your car breaks down or you get into an accident, you can alert other drivers or repair your car with the help of a flashlight. 

Baton 3 Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

From power outages to evening runs, there are many reasons to have a pocket flashlight with you. If you’re looking for every carry (EDC) pocket light that has the practical uses of a larger flashlight, Baton 3 is for you. 

Baton 3 is one of the best pocket flashlights that deliver a maximum output of 1,200 lumens and a 166-meter beam distance. Talking about the size, it’s only 2.48inc in length and 1.87oz in weight.

The magnetic tail cap is another amazing feature of this pocket flashlight. You can use the tail cap to switch between different lighting modes and attach it to metal surfaces in a variety of situations. Additionally, the dual-directional pocket clip makes it so easy to clip into your pocket. 

Tiny But Powerful 

Most people have the habit of judging a book by its cover and the same goes for flashlights. They think pocket flashlights will have less light, less battery life, and fewer features, which is far from the truth. 

Before judging a flashlight, make sure you try it firsthand. Go to a nearby store and see the lumen output, ease of use, and other features. Or visit websites and forums to read the review of a product and then you decide what to do. 

This paragraph is for campers. Whether you have the best pocket flashlight or a regular-size flashlight it won’t make or break your outdoor camping experience but if you enjoy performing activities at night, you would benefit greatly from having a pocket flashlight.

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