10 Award Winning Tips for Gift Card Boxes

There are many different types of card boxes for gifts; you can use them as gifts in different events, special packaging, or display personal gifts. These card boxes can also be used for commercial purposes to enhance the appearance of products and improve marketing strategies. While giving someone a gift, you need to make sure it reflects your love and affection for them and should also have a special look. Before, people were used to wrapping gifts in glittery gift paper and decorating them with bows and ribbons.

 Let’s discuss different top tips which can be used for gift card boxes to make them award-winning.

Improve them in-store visibility

Proudly display gift cards in your shop to make sure customers see them. You can place them on or near the cashier, or set up a display in the “gift” section of the shop and other high-traffic areas. Fortunately, getting it is easy and cheap. You can use a lot of gift card holders, shelves, and ready-made stands in the store. Consider taking the DIY route. You can make your gift cardholder or shelf and combine it with the shop color theme.

Use different Color and Text Options for Gift Card Boxes Wedding

Wood also looks good in natural colors; metallic materials can be shiny and bright, while glass doesn’t need any color. Therefore, you can choose a lively wedding theme or want to inspire vitality in an understated wedding. The wedding date, the names of the groom and bride, or good news are all suitable for reading and adding elegance and charm to custom boxes. The text can be printed, engraved, marked, or hung on the box, depending on the style of the box and the theme of the event.

Keep Custom Gift Card Boxes Simple and Hassle-free

When doing creative work, remember that no rules are more. Be creative when designing, but pay attention to exaggerated problems, which is good. The gift packaging and its label must be clean and concise. Keeping the label clean doesn’t mean hiding the information you need. Provide all relevant information on the product packaging, but don’t make it too good.

You can use Inserts

Another option is to include special offers, coupons, care instructions, or clever product descriptions. Don’t be afraid to get creative and instill some sense of humor in the case. Keep in mind that printing costs for large orders usually go down. You may want to stick to evergreen quotes that have no expiration date and aren’t seasonal.

Use Marketing across Multiple Channels

When awareness about gift card spreads, please cover all marketing channels. In contrary, if you want to communicate with buyers through certain channels, you need to communicate and market gift cards on the same platform or device. For many retailers, these most commonly used channels include physical retail, e-commerce, email, and social media.

Include personal Note for Gift Boxes

One of the best ways to sell online as a small business is to have the opportunity to add personality to your orders. Unlike a large store, the store’s order volume is small, so it can establish a real connection between people. A good option is to write your notes on sticky notes, postcards, or flyers of your brand.

Consider unboxing for Gift Card Packaging

If you want the packaging to be impressive and effective, then it not only needs a “nice” box, but also an unboxing experience. The unboxing is the most important thing to consider. The first impression is the impression that it will always exist and you have to make sure you have a very pleasant experience. When you create a design brief, brainstorm and offer your customers an unpacking experience.

Follow the market trend

In this generation of social media, many things will cause hype and become fashionable readily. Keep up to date with these trends and integrate them into your card packaging and label design. Use the hype created by movies and media to increase product sales. When you reach the trend, the consumers will become more attracted to your products, thus increasing the sales of the products.

You can include some Humor

There are no rules for keeping yourself and your customer’s humor. There is no need to keep packaging and product labels simple and clear. You can always introduce some humor into the product packaging to build a friendly relationship with the customers. In fact, the humor included will entice customers to use your product.

Create Gift Boxes around a Specific Theme or Event

Consumers like to give and receive gift certificates, especially on special occasions. Not only are they the most requested gifts by consumers, but in the list of gifts issued by consumers during the holidays, gift certificates rank third. This is why you need to spend money to buy gift certificates for specific occasions. In addition to the normal cards provided, you should also consider designing gift cards for special events such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

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