10 Animals that will Kill a full grown tiger

What animal can take down a full-grown tiger?

(1). Indian crested porcupine
(2). Water buffalo
(3). Ussuri brown bears
(4). Gaur
(5). Saltwater crocodile
(6). Indian rhinoceros
(7). Asian elephant
(8). Wild Boar
(9). Moose
(10) Python and Lion

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It may surprise you that there are actually quite a few animals that can kill a full-grown tiger. Bear in mind many of these animals kill tigers in self-defense but some do prey on tigers in specific circumstances. I will use try to include a source for most animals and hope this answer helps you out. Some of these animals may come as a surprise! Enjoy!about:blank

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Here are 10 Animals that will Kill a full-grown tiger

(1). Indian crested porcupine

 (There is graphic content of a tiger heart impaled by a porcupine quill. You have been warned.)

“Oh hello, Mr tiger! Would you like a hug? I know I sure would.”

Its obvious porcupines have a powerful defensive weapon in form of their quills. These spiky protrusions can cause terrible wounds and sadly for most animals they don’t know how to remove them. I will always remember the time I almost ran over a porcupine when mountain biking. That would have been a painful wipeout!

As for porcupines killing Bengal tigers here are a few incidents..

As you can see if the porcupine get’s good to hit with its quills the tiger can end up dead. Sometimes these incidents make you wonder why the tiger even hunts these spiky devils!about:blank

(2).Water buffalo

“My mother makes me feel like an American. Whenever I leave she says “bison”!”

It’s no secret that water buffaloes are aggressive beasts that won’t hesitate to charge anything they perceive as threats. Bengal tigers like to ambush these guys as they can be a handful when facing them in a head-on conflict. When the ambush goes wrong let’s just say things don’t often go in favor of the tiger.

This chart shows that one tiger was killed by a buffalo in a study to determine how humans influence tigers. It may not seem significant but it was the only prey animal to have killed a tiger during this study. I think that speaks volumes about buffaloes being a truly deadly prey animal.https://ad.a-ads.com/1954030?size=300×250

Here are just a few cases of water buffaloes killing tigers


(3). Ussuri brown bears

10 Animals that will Kill a  full grown tiger

“Son, do you see that snarling tiger over there? I will use him as an example and show you how to give a proper bear hug.”

It’s easy to see why brown bears would be able to kill tigers due to their size strength and power. In Russia Ussuri brown bears and Siberian tigers come into conflict and tigers even hunt the bears which make up 1.4% of their diet. Large bears also may engage tigers and try to steal their food.

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During telemetry research in the Sikhote-Alin protected area, 44 direct confrontations between the two predators were observed, in which bears were killed in 22 cases, and tigers in 12 cases. This shows that if a bear feels threatened it won’t hesitate to defend itself.

Here are a few cases of bears killing tigers

10 Animals that will Kill a  full grown tiger


10 Animals that will Kill a  full grown tiger

Note that the bear not only killed the cubs but also the tigress. Tigers are pretty daring animals to take these guys on. That’s for sure!

(4). Gaur

10 Animals that will Kill a  full grown tiger

“I’m a lean, mean fighting machine!”

Gaur is like water buffalo but I find them to be even more frightening. They have massive muscles and are known to be quite aggressive towards aggressors. Naturally, when these guys come into conflict with tigers the tiger doesn’t always come out on top.

Here are some incidents in which tigers were killed by a gaur.

NNTR’s grand old tigress dies in fight with gaur


(5). Saltwater crocodile

10 Animals that will Kill a  full grown tiger

“I dare you to come closer.”

Tigers love to swim and you know what else likes to swim? You guessed it, crocodiles! Crocodiles are the dominant predators in the water and once it gets a hold of a tiger the cat is pretty much doomed.about:blank

Fifteen-foot Bengali crocodile claims king of jungle title from tiger

Take a look at this incident in which a crocodile killed a male tiger who was swimming across the river. That’s why I am glad they don’t have crocodiles in Canada so I can go swimming safely.

In this next case, the tigress and croc fought all night with the crocodile emerging the victor. 10 Animals that will Kill a full-grown tiger

Croc kills tiger after night-long duel – Times of India

The tiger may be king of the Indian jungle but the crocodile is the king of India’s waters.https://greatdexchange.com/ad/display.php?stamat=m%257CfzYhNiojaQdH8AH0dEdHP3xP.c42%252CZMkKdRAQlkuDbgTABrav5MRMcxZF9yraT_hsHUzc4SYD8dsp0eeyWX8iflZgrD1GMoksG7vaxTs7eKKFYbE463gv5rNtg6we9IGd3tL7V3wWwLnfbdB42T0433umNUoj&cbpage=https://thewildanddomestic.com/10-animals-that-will-kill-a-full-grown-tiger/&cbur=0.02969272194550987&cbtitle=10%20Animals%20that%20will%20Kill%20a%20full%20grown%20tiger%20-%20Wild%20and%20Domestic&cbiframe=0&cbWidth=1920&cbHeight=912&cbdescription=10%20Animals%20that%20will%20Kill%20a%20full%20grown%20tiger%20are%20(1)%20Indian%20crested%20porcupine%20(2)%20Asian%20elephant%20(3)%20Indian%20rhinoceros%20(4)%20Moose%20(5)%20Brown%20Bears%20(6)Gaur%20etc&cbkeywords=&cbref=

(6). Indian rhinoceros

10 Animals that will Kill a  full grown tiger

“If you try that again Mr tiger then you will feel what it’s like to have this horn up your ass!!!”

Indian rhinos are huge and won’t hesitate to damage an attacking tiger. Tigers have quickly learned that hunting these animals is way too dangerous and only prey on them as a last resort and even then they will only go for young, injured, and sick animals.

This conflict shows that the tiger should not be underestimated when it has to fight for its life. In the fight that ensued both the rhino and tiger were killed!A Royal Bengal Tiger and a Rhinoceros Found Dead in Kaziranga

Sorry, I couldn’t find more sources of rhinos killing tigers but like I said they don’t fight much. Even with the lack of evidence, it is easy to see that Indian rhinos could kill tigers.about:blank

(7). Asian elephant

“Time to kick some ass!”

I think this animal needs zero explanation. Being so much bigger than the tiger, having a powerful trunk, and if you’re a male having tusks comes with some perks. Elephants have nearly no predators as adults but the rare time a tiger picks a fight with one boy is it in for a scare.

There are close to no cases of elephants killing tigers for one reason. The tiger is too scared to attack it. Still, I was able to find one case of a tiger dying.


(8). Wild Boar

“If you come any closer I will eat you. Just like this deer.”

Wild boars are actually pretty dangerous and will kill attackers by brutally mauling them to death. Tigers are no exception and are killed on some occasions by these animals.

Here is a case of a boar killing a tiger by goring it to death.

Now, wild boars kill tiger – Times of Indiaabout:blank

(9). Moose

“You better not be thinking of attacking me!!!”

Moose and Siberian tigers live together and have a predator-prey relationship. While quite unlikely I believe it would be possible for the moose to take out a tiger. After all, they have been known to kill bears on occasion. Still, this guy’s killing ability is a bit speculative as not enough research has been done on interactions between the two animals.about:blank

(10). Others

Indian Python | Indian Pythons (Python molurus) in perfect f… | Flickr

Some honorable mentions include Python and venomous snakes like cobras and of course smaller predators like leopards, wolves, and dholes which will prey on younger tigers if given the chance. Finally, tigers are often killed by other tigers and Lions

There are quite a few instances where cubs are eaten by adult tigers but two adult tigers fighting and one eating the other is rare. “Though history has instances of cannibalism in tigers, it is rare,” said RL Singh, former director of Project Tiger


Lion vs. Tiger | Eden, Janine and Jim | Flickr

lions often killed tigers in captivity by ganging up on them, whereas tigers tend not to form fighting gangs. Lions roam in pride of up to 30

“It’s a hard knock life for me!”

As you can see tigers have to plan their attacks carefully or risk getting murdered by their extremely powerful prey. They also fall at risk of being attacked by other predators such as bears and crocodiles. Overall like most animals, tigers have hard lives despite being apex predators.

Hope this answer helped!

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