10 Android Development Trends to Watch Out in 2022

Ever since mobile gadgets and smartphones were introduced into the technology and digital scene, a lot of things have changed and improved. And in just a blink of an eye, these devices became our daily companion. Some people can’t even live without them. For this reason, the mobile app development industry suddenly boomed.

With the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones, various mobile app development trends began to emerge. These trends have made people’s lives simpler and paved ways for the creation of more developer tools. Indeed, the future of mobile apps looks brighter and better.

Now, in this article, we look into the Android development trends to watch out for this year. Hopefully, they will improve our lives and allow us to see better days.

Whether you are an end-user or a mobile app developer, be familiar with these app development trends to be in the loop and be updated.

Trend #1: Internet of Things (IoT)

During the early days of the internet, nobody anticipated that it would skyrocket to this extent. Who knew it could allow us to control our bedroom lights? Who would have thought that it could allow us to monitor our homes even at a distance? 

Thanks to the Internet of Things, we can lock our house while we’re at the office. We can even switch on our air conditioning units when we’re almost home. All we need is an IoT app and a reliable internet connection, and that’s it!

This year, more and more organizations are eyeing to make a shift towards IoT app development and use. They are considering the use of IoT in building smart homes and cities. Others are using them to control self-driving and smart automobiles.

Trend #2: 5G

Although a chosen few have already tried using the 5G network, this much-awaited innovation is finally making its way to various markets by this year. And according to surveys, 5G communication and connection will increase from 20 million users to up to 100 million.

One organization that has made provisions for the adoption of this trend is Apple. In their most recent iPhone release, it seems that they have incorporated the use of the 5G network already. And obviously, unlike its predecessor, it is ultra-fast, about a hundred times faster. You can see why many are looking forward to using this technology.

This mobile app development trend will bring dramatic changes in streaming services, too. With such a fast network, 4K streaming becomes smooth and buffer-free. Yes, it’s truly a dream come true for binge-watchers.

Trend #3: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

When you hear of artificial intelligence, what do you usually think about? The most common answer would be virtual assistants like Cortana and Siri. But this year, AI will be improving and playing a better role in our lives. Aside from improving existing applications, it will better other tools like voice translations and AI-based cameras. It will even make its way to smartphones and mobile devices.

Be it in the creation of PC repair software, a Mac cleaning tool, or other mobile apps, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be very useful. Not only will they allow the detection of bugs, but they also help in suggesting real-time fixes.

When combined with IoT, more powerful and advanced tools may be created. The next time we buy something online, the app will take you to what you need without having to browse them. This idea is very effective if you are into eCommerce. Imagine not having to tap your fingers to get work done. Convenient, right?

Trend #4: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Though VR and AR have already conquered the video and gaming scene, it is only a matter of time before they make it to other aspects of our lives. This year, more AR- and VR-based apps will finally be launched. They will be beneficial for industries like marketing, retail, tourism, and healthcare.

With these apps, medical professionals can perform live surgeries. Tourists can virtually swim under the sea. Buyers can have a better feel of a product. Just think of how these trends can rebuild and alter our reality.

Trend #5: Beacon Technology

You want to buy a pair of shoes from a specific brand. However, you are hesitant about whether it fits or not. So, you decide to physically try them on. Now, while you’re on your way to the store, your phone suggests other shops that have the same product. Smart, right? Well, it is a reality made possible by beacon technology.

Beacons take advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. When a mobile device enters a beacon zone, the app receives the signal and gives relevant information to nearby users. To use this technology, establishments need to have beacons.

In 2022, it is forecasted that more and more services will use beacon-based apps, particularly those related to mobile payment, physical games, and healthcare.

Trend #6: Blockchain

In the past few years, blockchain has given us a sneak peek into what it can offer via smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. And this year, it is said that this trend will offer complete security in all our transactions and data exchanges.

There are already many apps that support blockchain technology and in 2022, more of them will enter the arena. According to research, possible applications of blockchain include transparent betting, asset tokenization, swarm robotics, anti-piracy, and public elections.

Trend #7: Cloud Technology

Since it was introduced, cloud technology has never failed to amaze us. What was once a hosting service has grown its potential as it now offers endless possibilities.

It is given that cloud technology is a secure platform for storing and accessing data. And this year, it will be entering the mobile app development scene with new cloud-integrated apps to be launched.

These apps run directly on the cloud, meaning there will be no more load on a mobile device’s internal memory. Apps should run without having to worry about crashes.

Trend #8: Mobile Wallets

Cashless transactions are becoming popular today because of the convenience they bring. We simply link our account details to a mobile wallet and we can then complete our transactions in an instant. By integrating payment gateways like this, transactions become quicker and smoother.

Some mobile wallet applications that are gaining popularity today include Google Pay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. This year, more top web development companies and mobile app developers will be introducing mobile wallets into their apps.

Trend #9: Wearables

People are already using wearables in various forms like smart jewellery, smartwatches, body sensors, and many more. And the cool thing about them is that we can communicate and control them via mobile apps.

We can use them to analyze body movements and track walking steps. We can also use them to measure body temperature. So, wearables would definitely make a huge profit in the fitness, sports, and healthcare sector.

Trend #10: Virtual Events Streaming

Perhaps the most recent trend in mobile app development is virtual events streaming. This was introduced due to the current health crisis that is putting a stop to real and live events. So far, this trend has become really successful that even after COVID, it is still expected to flourish.

In 2022, more of these virtual events streaming platforms will come into action as they allow accessibility with convenience for event-goers.


Though we can never predict the future of Android app development, we know that it will be very exciting. With current technologies like HID-compliant touch screens, developing apps is easier and better. Combine it with the current mobile app development trends, what else can you ask for?