07 Unique Ideas for Making Birthday Greetings

What makes birthdays so special? Well, it’s the love of your dear ones, their surprises, and warm greetings that make birthdays different from the other dates. Similar to receiving unique birthday greetings, planning something special for others skyrockets our excitement. And above all, you land in a confusion of “will they like my greetings?” or “how would they react?”.

If you relate to the above scenario, then you’ve come to the best place. Overcome your dilemma by making the below seven unique birthday greetings that your dearest person would love. Let’s explore!

  1. Corked Glass Bottle with Floating Glitters and Birthday Messages

 Do you wish to create something that they will treasure for life? A corked glass bottle with floating glitters and a birthday message will make their day undoubtedly. To create such a greeting, take a small glass bottle fitted with a cork, some message confetti, wire, glitter, water, and glycerin.

 Attach a wire to the message and hang it inside the glass bottle from the cork. Sprinkle some glitter at the base and fill the bottle with water. Next, add a drop of glycerin to the water surface and shake well. Finally, add some more glitters to the solution, fasten the cork, and give a good shake. Tadaa!! Your unique birthday greeting is ready!

  1. Personalized Video Birthday Greetings

 Videos appeal better than photos, let’s admit it. Now, you can create unmatched birthday video messages using the online platform such as You can invite your friends to share videos on the app without logging in or downloading anything. Next, you can access all videos from your account and add your customizations to create a masterpiece birthday video gift for D-day. Try it out once!

  1. Personalized Explosion Box 

An explosion of your love and old memories will make birthdays merrier for anyone. Yes, you can do it with a personalized explosion box. Creating such a birthday greeting is simple and requires thick base paper, marble sheets, glitters, washi tapes, photographs, and glue.

 Make a foldable box using the thick base paper and create pockets, layers, and pull-out drawers using different marble papers. Attach various photos across different layers in the box and write loving messages everywhere inside the creation. Finally, you will have something to kickstart their birthday celebration.

  1. Lucky Bamboo and Money Plant Birthday Greetings

 Do they love plants? If yes, then they would fall in love with your prosperity plant pot greetings, having custom birthday messages. Purchase a small lucky bamboo or money plant with a somewhat simple pot.

 Add your creative touch by wrapping the pot using gift wrapping papers and decorate it with through-heart birthday messages. Such a cute gift will make their birthday happier and bring tons of luck into their lives simultaneously.

  1. Doodle Photo Frame 

Add some more fun into the lives of your loved ones with a cartoon photo frame. Thankfully, many websites and apps let you transform your photo into a sketch or doodle for free. 

Now, all you need is to pick a lively photo and upload it on such applications to get a cartoon image. Furthermore, you can edit those images to integrate your birthday messages in a seamless position. Once you get the doodle, print it out and attach it to a photo frame. Voila! You now have an extremely adorable gift for your dear ones!

  1. Date Frame with Photos 

Are you aware of the most trending “save the date” theme? Yeah, it’s the one where every decoration revolves around some memorable dates like the one for birthdays and anniversaries. Luckily, you can utilize the concept to create birthday greetings even! 

Arrange for a horizontal photo frame, a white chart paper, and some printed photographs. Measure the insides of your photo frame and cut the chart paper as per the size. Next, write the birthday date on the chart paper in large fonts and cut it out precisely. Now, arrange the photos such that they remain partially visible through the date cutouts. Yay! You did it.

  1. Photo Greeting Cards

Old is gold! Similarly, the traditional birthday greeting cards will never go out of fashion for years to come. However, you can enhance the legacy cards using your creativity and build cherishing experiences for your friends and family members. 

Make a greeting card out of thick chart paper and attach multiple photos of your dear ones on all four sides with captivating birthday messages. You can use more pages to incorporate more pictures or write longer wishes if required. 

So, they were the seven most unique and latest ideas to make one-of-a-kind birthday greetings for your favorite person. From simple photo greeting cards to stunning surprise video gifts, you can send anything to them and watch them smile like never before.

 Moreover, you are allowed to explore and create a mix-and-match of these ideas to ideate something new altogether. In any way, your time and efforts will make them understand their worth in your life while adding spark to their birthdays they would never have imagined.


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