How Businesses Utilize Dash Cams

Dash cams are not new in municipal buses or semi-trucks, but they can also be useful in other utility service business vehicles. Navigating exposures and minimizing loss can be difficult for firms that manage a commercial fleet (such as HVAC, plumbing, landscaping companies, and many others). Businesses that employ automobiles as part of their operational activities, regardless of the size or number of their vechicles, must deal with dangers that jeopardize the safety of their drivers as well as the company’s productivity. Reckless driving, drowsy driving, forceful braking, and other related concerns are not only widespread, but they can also result in costly accidents and litigation. Dashcams are an excellent way to protect your vehicle’s investment.

Features of dash cams that are instrumental for businesses

Seamless recording

Dashcams are carefully designed to provide high-quality video recording. It is meant to use while driving therefore the recorded footage needs to be as stabilized as possible. Dashcams, at a minimum, offer 1080P Full HD image quality to ensure capturing the details clearly, such as license plates or facial features. High resolution is also useful for better clarity of zoom-in images. Dashcams for many larger vehicles come with a night vision as well using an infrared internal recording.

Wide angle recording

Facing the camera outside or inside the vehicle is a personal preference but newer dashcam versions come with a wider angle coverage upto a 360-degree view. These cameras are designed to auto adjust to the light inside as well as outside and also operate efficiently during the nighttime. Wide angle cameras capture both front and back nearly eliminating all the blind spots. 

GPS tracking and Positioning

In terms of convenience, a dashboard camera with an integrated GPS tracker gives you maximum peace of mind throughout driving, making your driving experience safer and calm. Dashcams using GPS will record the speed of the vehicle at the bottom of each video, which can be quite valuable in presenting proof of an incident or when someone receives a speeding ticket. The GPS technology even allows the dashboard camera to reveal the driving speed just before an event, and it is much more accurate than a vehicle’s speedometer because it is acquired directly by satellites. This information assists law enforcement while validating flaws, such as faulty speed indicators or other equivalent situations.

How businesses can benefit from dashcams

Get rid of false claims

If a company decides to install dashcams in the company vehicles, it can save employees from a number of false claims. Dual-facing dash cameras, as in any commercial vehicle, record both the road and the driver. In case any mishap occurs of any sort, the cameras can clear out the claims and identify the culprit in no time. This saves the companies from lengthy police interrogations procedures.

Monitor accidents

To shield your business from liability in the case of an accident or incident, without a doubt, dash-cam footage assists in determining who is at fault. It might appear like a smooth job, but even for well-trained professionals, pinpointing the reason for an accident is a formidable and time-consuming task. Witness statements are oftentimes used by law enforcement and investigation specialists to discover the cause of an accident. These statements, however, could be biased or ambiguous which reduces their credibility.

Reduce employee misconduct

With a company issues vehicle, the damage recovery is usually the responsibility of the employer. Installing a dashcam will ensure that the employee drives the vehicle safely and determine how much the driver was at fault in case of any damage. It will keep the reckless behavior of the employees at bay while driving. This counts all sorts of misconduct occurring inside the vehicle regardless of who the victim is.

Regulate timely arrival of the employees

Companies can keep in check the incoming and outgoing timing of their employees and eventually figure out the reason for late arrival. Dashcams give businesses more control and keep them aware of their employees. This encourages the employees to reach in time which adds to the productivity of the business.

Expedite the insurance process

Most insurance companies charge discounted insurance rates for vehicles with dashcams installed because this shows that the company cares about the safety of its drivers. Dashboard cameras also speed up the insurance process if the vehicle gets damaged saving time as well as money for businesses owning the vehicle.

Protect your vehicle from theft and damage

Similar to CCTV, one can rely on dashcams as being one of the best anti-theft devices for vehicles. Latest dash cams come with a parking mode that records any kind of jerk or contact with the car whenever it is left unsupervised. Parking mode in dashboard cams can help companies identify if someone damaged or stole the vehicle due to the high-quality video recording feature and helps track the location via GPS.

Track employee behavior

Employers have an obligation of taking care of their employees, which means they are legally expected to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard their employees’ health, security, and well-being in the workplace. This includes driving for work purposes as well.

Dash cams are wonderful equipment used by companies around the world to keep their personnel safe. Dual-camera dashboard cameras powered by AI can detect unsafe driving habits that could lead to an accident. When employees are aware that they are being observed, their behavior is more likely to improve.

Provide training to adapt best practices

Even the best employees can indulge in some unwanted situations on the road. Employers have the responsibility to arrange training sessions for employees that can help them increase their driving skills, encourage them to work on their behavior on the road, and in some cases get over their bad driving experiences.

Final word

Dashboard cameras are not only useful to individuals but also to businesses collectively. No matter if the business operations run on automobiles or conveyance is provided to clients as a utility service or perks, the investment done on the vehicles matters at the end of the day. To ensure the least number of damages dash cameras are a good investment.


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