Everything you need to know about Krono Polo

Krono Polo is a luxury lifestyle brand as well as a renowned supplier of equipment for the game of Polo. Polo is played by multi-millionaires or royalty such as Prince Harry, Prince William, and their father the King Charles

3rd who had reached a high level as a polo player. The royals have regularly been seen wearing polo products from the brand as well as the famous polo belt.

So how did they start?

Krono started as a polo helmet supplier. They grew quickly to be manufacturing polo gloves, elbow pads, polo boots but also team wear going from personalised caps and team jerseys to Gazebos. This is still the main core of Krono Polo, and it is important for them to keep their clients polo players happy with their products.

When they started branching out to casual wear, the polo belts were their first item. Krono Polo got the inspiration from the Argentine Pampa, very casual, very earthy and they made their own version of the polo belt to go a little more with the modern vision of polo and what its accessories should look like, trendier, more city life.

Inspired by the Inca designs and by the belt worn by polo players in the 18th century, Krono innovates and designs all the new colours and patterns from their central London office. All their polo belts are made in Argentina, from the best leather available and hand stitched with waxed horsehair, the traditional way. This process is very long and can take up to 4 hours to stitch. Finally, the belts are finished with the buckle and the Krono Polo logo stamped. They then ship all our products made in Argentina to the warehouse in London, United Kingdom for packing, before sending them off to customers worldwide. Their belts have already had an adventure of their own, ready to share the rest of their lives with their clients.

Take a look at their range of polo belts exclusively available on their website.

Krono Polo launched its Polo Belt collection in 2020. Thanks to polo ambassadors such as Adolfo Cambiaso or Nacho Figueras, they grew a large audience on social media, Instagram and youtube becoming their way to reach out to their customers.

Their range of luxury products got bigger over the years, they now offer a broad range of casual clothing from sneakers to cashmere hoodies or crewnecks. Most of the clothes they produce are designed to go together, including the leather polo belt.

Polo belts have a noticeable and iconic look. The vibrant colours against the luxurious leather won’t let you unnoticed. They are highly collectable and it’s not rare to find 4 or 5 belts in someone’s wardrobe.

Treat yourself or other with a wonderful gift which will last you for many years if taken care appropriately.