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X-Prize – Energy and Environment Prize Group: IFGICT Green ICT Standard: Prize

X-Prize – Energy and Environment Prize Group
The X-Prize Foundation is an educational non-profit organisation whose mission is to
bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. They aim to inspire
new industries and the revitalisation of markets that are currently stuck due to
existing failures or a belief that a solution is not possible. The Foundation addresses
some of the world’s grand challenges by creating and managing large-scale, highprofile competitions that stimulate investment in research and development that are
worth far more than the prize that is offered. It motivates and inspires brilliant
innovators from all disciplines to leverage their intellectual and financial capital.
One of the X-Prizes is in the Energy & Environment Prize Group where the goal is to
generate breakthroughs in clean energy, climate change, energy distribution/storage,
energy efficiency/use, and water resource management. Advances in these fields
will lead to greater sustainability and efficiency, while reducing dependence on fossil
The Group has completed a $10 million automotive prize competition to develop a
new generation of viable, safe, affordable and super fuel efficient vehicles, and a
$1.4 million prize for oil clean-up. Future prize competitions are likely to include
areas such as carbon utilisation, aviation battery, energy awareness, home energy
storage, featherweight solar and wind, race to zero CO2, and residential waste to

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