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Battling the Tyranny of Big Data

The data scientists writing the algorithms that drive giants like Alphabet Inc. (Google) and Facebook Inc. are today's technology wizards, and companies and governments increasingly use their creations -- often in secret and with little oversight -- to do everything from hiring and firing employees to identifying likely suspects for police monitoring. But there's a dark side -- and computer scientists warn that we'll need a lot more transparency if the big-data revolution is really to work for all of us.

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5 Ways To Get The Lowest Price On Your Next Car Purchase

We have all been there. You want to buy your first car, or second or third. You have no idea what to do. Maybe you got a really bad deal last time and you are scared. Do you just go to the car dealership and ask for what you want? Do you lease or purchase a car? What does APR mean? Residual value? Do you go through a broker who may or may not have your best interests in mind? There are several ways to go about car shopping, but once you are in the negotiation room with the sales person there are only 5 easy tactics that will ensure you get the best price.

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Economists: Growth will pick up next year

The U.S. economy is expected to strengthen next year, in part because of the government stimulus proposed at by President-elect Donald Trump, but job growth is likely to slow as the recovery approaches its eighth anniversary, according to a recent survey of economists.

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Nature and Scope of Economics

Economics is a social science which deals with human wants and their satisfaction. It is mainly concerned with the way in which a society chooses to employ its scarce resources which have alternative uses, for the production of goods for present and future consumption. Political economy is another name for economics. “Polis” in Greek means a State. The early writers used the term “Political Economy” for the management of the State. A person who runs a family is expected to make the best use of the income of the household.

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The Emerging Clean Energy Economy: Customer-Driven. Modernized. Reliable.

The Power Grid of the Future: Choice, Innovation, Opportunity, and Challenge Amidst the profound shift underway in the electric power industry, today’s customers are increasingly seeking choice in how they manage their energy. They are adopting distributed energy resources (DERs)—rooftop solar, onsite energy storage, electric vehicles, and energy management systems—to achieve cost savings, cleaner energy, conservation, and enhanced reliability. In response, the industry has begun an era of reinvention to enable these choices and create a clean, reliable energy future.

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Success as a Knowledge Economy: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice

Market entry, quality and risk-based regulation
• We will replace multiple overlapping HE systems with a single regulator and route into the
• We will move to risk-based regulation which will reduce the regulatory burden across the
sector, except for those providers where additional monitoring is needed.
• New high quality institutions will be able to compete on equal terms with quicker entry to
the sector.
• We will continue to set a high bar on quality to ensure that providers are delivering value

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Small companies stock exchange PLUS Markets Group seeks buyer after turbulent year

Following a period of turbulence which has seen the company’s share price fall 50% in just 12 months, PLUS says it now wants to “identify appropriate potential partners for the company, or major strategic investors”. It is thought that the company, which itself is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and in late 2006 raised £25m in a share placing to expand its trading and quotation services, is seeking a new injection of funding, with a view to capitalising on new regulations and technologies over the coming months.

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38 companies to float on AIM in 2016 finish year up 39% on average

The 38 companies to float on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in 2016 have ended the year up more than 39% on average, while the 263 firms already listed raised more than £3.8bn in further fundraising.

Launched in 1995, AIM has now helped its listed companies raise close to £100bn in new and further fundraising.

This year has seen some major floats including the debut of chocolatier Hotel Chocolat, a £40m IPO for conference call company LoopUp, Yü Energy’s oversubscribed IPO and publisher Time Out Group’s £90m IPO.

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Advice from a young entrepreneur: 5 business strategies to adopt in 2017

I’m writing this from a plane headed to South Africa, for my first holiday in almost two years. It’s been an exciting, but busy few months at my own company Synap, that’s seen us grow from 0 to 1,000 paying customers, our first commercial contract, and our first employees.

As things wind down for Christmas, I thought I’d take stock of the key things I’ve learned over the last year. In no particular order…

1) Practice articulating your vision

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Oil Producers Turn to Wind Power

The Netherlands wants to build the world’s largest offshore wind project, and an unlikely company is helping: Royal Dutch Shell PLC.

The oil-and-gas giant is facing shareholder pressure to develop its renewable business. Add in falling construction costs for such projects, and Shell has decided to join a handful of other oil companies aiming to leverage their experience drilling under punishing conditions at sea.

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