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Unleash the Greatest Power in the Universe : HARSHADA PATHARE

Author I The Catalyst I Mythologist Unleash the Greatest Power in the Universe

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Jacob Mathew or J Mathew: New Arabian Publications

Jacob Mathew J Mathew was born in India. He speaks five languages including English, Hindi, Arabic, Tamil and Malayalam. He is focused, disciplined, dedicated and works to ensure he gets the results needed. He works well with teams. He has outstanding team building and man-management skills. He is dynamic and aggressive but very sociable and friendly making him a skilful manager.

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Double Your Sales and Build Your Business

Double Your Sales and Build Your Business The Guerrilla Global Summit 2018 will be held on May 3-5 in Orlando, FL. This must attend event is put on by Jeannie Levinson Co-founder of Guerrilla Marketing and co-author with Jay Conrad Levinson of the internationally best-selling books and programs that introduced millions to these concepts globally.

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Screen Lighting, the most reliable flashlight ever

If you are looking for a stylish designed flash light, handy, with a wide angle illumination than the regular conventional flash lights, then SCREEN LIGHTING is what you need. Screen lighting build with ECO new technology inside for last up to 24hrs usage with just limited battery. High Battery Capacity - Screen Lighting comes with a high battery capacity. (8800Mah) It can last up to 24 hours of continuous usage after a single full charge.

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Operating a successful medical practice revolves around, medicine and hospitality.

Author: Gregory Broccoli

Physicians Should Practice Medicine & Staff Should Practice Hospitality. During my tenure of 25years in working with physician practices, I have often found a grumpy a receptionist, a staff following redundant office tasks and a physician handling non-clinical operational challenges. Although it lacks organization the day goes by as patients wait to be seen by the doctor.

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A New Real-Estate Token: MUXE

Every investor is looking for an edge in their portfolios. The hot button topic after 2017 is cryptocurrencies. After a colossal rise in valuation by market cap cryptocurrencies became a new way for investors to increase their value and make money for their investment portfolios. So far in 2018, Cryptocurrencies have had a slump. Many cryptocurrencies are having a slump more likely due to the fact that investors are now looking for coins and projects that create value.

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MUXE: Real-Estate Listing Platform

How does one start a successful company? This question can probably be answered in many different ways but the one way that the MUXE team believes is that there is no specific way. The foundation of every successful company going from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and others is that these companies always started with one singular idea.

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MUXE is a Fresh and Innovative Team seeking to revolutionize the Real-Estate Industry!

A new company called MUXE is coming to the market soon. The company itself hopes to revolutionize and bolster the Real-Estate market globally. For more details, visit MUXE is not only a team of diverse people, but a team of diverse perspectives, ideas, cultures, and skills. This is a company that has so many different perspectives that new and innovative ideas are generated daily. Seeking to change the Real-Estate industry is like moving a mountain.

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MUXE the New Real-Estate Medium to Simplify Real-Estate!

Anyone who has ever bought or sold any property will know that it is a very messy bureaucratic process. Prospective buyers and sellers will experience different sides of the same token but mostly the process is roughly the same in a time cost perspective. Almost every Real-Estate transaction is incredibly slow. The actual process itself is probably more likely to deter people who are interested in buying Real-Estate than anything else. In addition, certain stipulations must be met for both buyer and seller.

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For the FIRST time in the history of Morocco & MENA region: ISS Live Contact

KSF Space in collaboration with ENSIAS in Morocco, for the first time in the history of Morocco and MENA region, is offering opportunities for schools and educational groups to speak with astronauts aboard the International Space Station to learn about living and working in space. Crew members of ISS will be available for question and answer sessions in Jan. 2018. the ISS or International Space Station is around 410 KM altitude above the earth.

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