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A New Real-Estate Token: MUXE

Every investor is looking for an edge in their portfolios. The hot button topic after 2017 is cryptocurrencies. After a colossal rise in valuation by market cap cryptocurrencies became a new way for investors to increase their value and make money for their investment portfolios. So far in 2018, Cryptocurrencies have had a slump. Many cryptocurrencies are having a slump more likely due to the fact that investors are now looking for coins and projects that create value. Coins and tokens that target high level industries will eventually take the place of coins that quite frankly don’t do anything. Real estate backed tokens like Atlant, REX, Rentberry and others create value by utilizing cryptocurrency in the Real-Estate market. The Global Real-Estate industry was 217 trillion USD in 2015 so there is a ton of room to grow. This is why investors should be looking for new Real-Estate tokens to place some money in and grow. This is why MUXE, a new Real-Estate listing platform that connects anyone in the world to a buy side and a sell side, is what investors should keep an eye on. MUXE is currently not listed on any exchange and are still in the beginning stages of getting their product up and running. However, MUXE has a dedicated team that is constantly looking to create value for investors and want to keep a healthy platform for clients to list their properties without any issues. MUXE has a very simple idea that involves a community centric platform. Their listings are 100 percent free. If a client wanted to go online and list their property they can do so with no charge unless they wanted a more premium membership with exclusive listings they can then pay MUXE in either fiat or MUXE tokens. The MUXE team has discussed that they are aware that the majority of Real-Estate investors are still wary of the volatility of the Crypto market hence the decision to allow fiat payments. The MUXE team has stated that they believe that Cryptocurrency is going to be around long term and once it is more adopted by the mainstream investors they can choose later on whether they will continue to accept fiat currency or not. One of their project leads insists that they will accept fiat of MUXE long-term based on whatever clients prefer to barter in. Currently the MUXE team is discussing their ICO and deciding when the best time to ICO will be. Once they make the announcement that will be a good time for any investors to snatch up as many tokens as possible and potentially profit in a short time. The MUXE team is dedicated to making their product as practical as possible and are working almost constantly to come through on that promise. For anyone who wants to check their website out you can find them at HTTPS:// There, you will find all the information you will need to understand what the team is trying to accomplish. Overtime the MUJXE team’s project leaders will post profiles of themselves on the site. An ode to the transparency they claim to have in their project. The history on the team and how they gathered is still a bit unknown at the moment. However, they do have a global team ranging from the Netherlands to the United States. MUXE is based out of the Netherlands.

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