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New Children’s Book Sets Stage for End to Male Dominance in STEM Related Careers

HOUSTON, TX (January 20, 2017) – The days of men dominating STEM related careers is likely numbered following the launch of a new book inspiring children to pursue STEM related careers. The new book, Marisol: A Little Girl with a Big Dream, is an engaging and empowering story about a little Latina girl harbouring big career dreams unbeknownst to her mother. No one in Marisol’s family had ever dared to dream big, so she is hesitant to share her dreams with her mother because she is uncertain of how her mom will react. Then one day she suddenly feels empowered to speak up but she was still not prepared for her mother’s response to her big dreams. STEM careers are often viewed as careers that are not pursued by women, much less minority women. Statistics provided by Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization by the indicate that women of are significantly underrepresented in STEM jobs in the United States. Only 25.2% are represented in computer and mathematical occupations and 14.2% in architecture and engineering occupations. As it pertains to minority women, the figures are even more staggering. Less than 10 per cent of Asian, black and Latina women made up the working scientists and engineers in the United States. Widely referred to as the people’s advocate, LaTanya is passionate about increasing interest in STEM education among young children. She graduated from the University of Houston, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration from American InterContinental University. Ultimately, she decided to pursue a career in education. Questioned about the motivation to create this resource, she explained: “I wanted to design books that inspire children, especially at-risk children, to pursue STEM-related careers. I also feel it is important to eliminate some of the handicapping implicit biases people unconsciously impose on themselves and others. I will continue to promote STEM awareness to create a more diverse STEM community.” Marisol: A Little Girl with a Big Dream is a beautifully illustrated book that lays a strong foundation for pursuit of a STEM related career. Through this powerful resource, children are empowered not only to dream big but to pursue their passions and not be limited by anyone’s expectations of them. The book also demonstrates the importance of parent/child communication and features follow –up questions that assess the reader’s comprehension. Marisol: A Little Girl with a Big Dream is available in paperback and eBook formats and can be purchased online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and on the author’s website at:

Media Contact: LaTanya Michell Brooks




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